What Not To Do With Your Business Card Printing

Business card printing is one of the most essential tasks for any freelancer or businessperson. Have you ever been without a business card and someone wanted to network with you? Or does your business card get that cold, dull reaction, where the person grimaces and tries to say something nice? Just because you got good business card printing does not mean your business card is good. Here is a list of some faux pas to stave away from.



Not Having a Business Card

You are at a tradeshow or a place where businesspeople are networking. You’ve been talking to this one guy all night, and after some hard talking, he finally buckled and said he likes what you are offering him. He’s going to call you tomorrow, but he needs your contact information.

And you whip out . . . a piece of notebook paper, or you scramble for the nearest napkin. Not having a business card looks sloppy, and will turn off even the most enthusiastic of clients.

Dull Designs

You opted for some great 14pt business card printing and you feel confident about handing that business card over to your client. However, instead of a smile, or even a congenial little smirk, he looks displeased; angry even. A poor design is just as bad as having no business card at all. If you don’t know graphic design, it is usually better to hire a professional for the task.

Jumbled Text on the Business Card Printing
You wanted to make sure that everyone could see your phone number, so you made it 36pt font. So it doesn’t leave much room for the other information, at least the client will know your number right, and something so unique should leave a lasting memory.

Sometimes taking a chance with your business card printing can pay off, but not when it makes such a sloppy design. Keep the text nice and small, around the 10pt size. Also, be sure to only use two font styles at the most, more than that and the text looks confusing.

Spelling Mistakes on the Business Card Printing

It is everyone’s worst nightmare; you misspelled something on your business card. If it isn’t your nightmare yet, then it should be. In the best case scenario, you used an ‘a’ when you should have used a ‘u’ in your name. Worst case, you typed your competitor’s email address or phone number. Talk about being your own worst enemy!

Before getting any business card printing, quadruple check the spelling.

Have You Done This?

Have you ever made any of these mistakes? Or, have you made even worse mistakes with your business cards? Talk about them, and let everyone have a good laugh at each other. It’s good to learn from your mistakes, just don’t do them again.

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