Using Calendars to Market Your Brand with Quality Los Angeles Printing

What’s a great tool to keep your brand in front of people all year round? A calendar. Calendars are very effective marketing collaterals you can hand out to employees, customers, and business partners. Company calendars are considered a highly practical form of advertisement; aside from their longevity—“they don’t usually end up in drawers or waste baskets,” as Biz Filings would put it. And with the best Los Angeles printing services, people will be more than happy to have something useful to keep on their desk or walls. Moreover, this guarantees the company a full year of brand exposure. Here are three helpful tips in creating your business calendar:

Using Calendars to Market Your Brand with Quality Los Angeles Printing

Aim for a broad target.

Create a list of your market demographics based on life cycle stage, gender, social status, education, and so forth. Showcase products each month that will captivate each demographic. For instance, if you’re managing a restaurant that offers delivery services, the image you use may depict working moms who are too tired to prepare food for dinner. You may also feature family gatherings for dine-in services for the next month. If your restaurant is pet-friendly, a photo of an owner dining with his dog would surely hook more pet loving customers. Just think of all the possible scenarios your targets can relate to. Unleash your creativity in shooting photos for your calendar.

Keep it simple.

If you want your calendar to be a part of people’s daily activities, make it functional enough to use. You can leave spaces for notes and website address while adding inspiring quotes for the day, or a list of important holidays and events. Avoid overdoing the designs or adding in unnecessary details, though, as this can distract the very purpose for which your calendar is made.

Ensure quality print.

You wouldn’t want your calendar to appear as a cheap giveaway, especially, if you’re sending them out to your big clients, partners, and investors. You’re spending for your calendars just once a year so at least invest in quality Los Angeles printing services. Printing companies, such as Master Copy Print, that specialize in promotional materials already have pre-designed date grids that make for a perfect business calendar template. You simply have to upload your logo, product images and other photos and wait for its delivery. Design services are available too, should you want your calendar to be more personalized.

Calendars help people manage their day to day schedule more effectively, so calendars make useful and pragmatic gifts. They are displayed on walls, desks, or on hallways, thus, somehow, help subliminally in the retention in people’s awareness of your brand. So invest in business calendars now and harness the power of this potent marketing collateral.

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