Types of Different Printing Services

digital printingThe different types of printing services involve the process of reproducing various images and texts. Many different men and women who need the help of a printing company will take advantage of a printing press. Printing presses have the job of actually putting the ink on paper. Different types of printing services play an extremely important part in transaction printing, publishing and business marketing industries.



Many different men and women who have the job of ordering prints for their industry might find out that it can be quite complicated. This is because you will have to make the right decisions regarding the artwork and the type of ink and materials that should be used. In addition, you will need to choose the right binding and finishing. This can be simple if you choose the best company offering printing services to help you make these decisions.

Types of Printing Services: Digital Printing

Digital printing services deal with reproducing digital images on a specific surface. The surface that contains the reproduced digital images might include plastic, cloth, film and photographic paper. However, digital printing is not like the average printing surface. This is because every impression that you make on the surface can be different. Older printing surface are best used for the mass production of a single design.

In addition, the ink or the toner that is used for digital printing services is not like the average type of ink. The types of ink that is used for digital printing services forms an additional layer on the surface. Digital printing is best used for fast phototyping. One of the best things about digital printing services is the fact that a wide range of different designers is now able to take advantage of digital printing services.

Types of Printing Services: Electrostatic Printing

Electrostatic printing is a type of printing process that is able to reproduce images and texts without contact. In addition, electrostatic printing does not use ink or typeform. The paper that is used for the electrostatic printing services features a thin layer of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is a type of material that becomes an electricity conductor when it is revealed to light. When it is dark, the paper receives a negative electrical charge.

Types of Printing Services: Offset Lithography Printing

Offset lithography printing services are an extremely popular service among a lot of different companies. In fact, it will be very rare for you to find a printing company that does not offer offset lithography printing services. Offset lithography printing is a type of printing service that is normally used to print a wide assortment of textured materials. For example, offset lithography printing services are used to pri8nt brochures, magazines and newspapers.

Types of Printing Services: The Gravure Printing Process

The gravure printing process is a very high quality type of printing service. In fact, it is one of the more expensive printing services that are available. The gravure printing process is designed to be able to print various images that feature a continuous tone effect. This is not that different from the effect that many photographs feature.

The gravure printing process is done with the use of a printing cylinder made out of different metals. The image is then etched onto this cylinder. The gravure cylinder can actually be created with the use of a digital printing process or the analog printing process.

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