Top Seven Reasons that Printing Companies will Flourish

OCE_ 0005With the rise of digital media, many people have begun to wonder what the impact will be on printing companies. Some have even been so bold as to predict that these companies will be destroyed by screen-based devices. They equate it to the way that the CD companies lost so much business when people began to switch over to digital files, streaming songs, and things of this nature. However, there are seven great reasons why print media will actually flourish in the future.

1. A Segment of the Population Will Always Prefer Books

Even with digital books growing in popularity, it is easy to see that there are always going to be people who will prefer traditional books. These people like to hold the paperbacks in their hands and turn real pages with their fingers. Some of them even like the way that a book smells. While this type of printing may decline since it will not be the only option, it will never fade away entirely.

2. Canvases Make Excellent Art
One of the strong points of these companies lies in canvas printing. Blocks of text or photographs can be printed out on canvases, hung on the wall, and proudly displayed as art in a home or a place of business. While digital picture frames do exist, the higher cost will keep them from entirely replacing normal art in most homes. Furthermore, art that has actually been printed will simply look different since it will not have backlighting or glare, and so real copies are the only way to truly see the artwork itself.

3. People Prefer Traditional Ads
A recent study has shown that people’s brainwaves when looking at digital ads and traditional ads indicate that they prefer the traditional ones. These ones produce a positive emotional response. This means that the person is more drawn to the traditional ad, and to the item that it represents, than to the digital ad. Since the emotional response is what advertisers care about, what helps them sell products, printing companies will always have this work.

4. Official Government Documents
Many government documents are stored on computers, but backups of almost all important documents are still kept in hard copy. In fact, many of these documents are backed up in multiple locations. The risk of putting everything on a computer and losing it due to a power surge or a hacker is too great to make paper documents unneeded.

5. There Will Always Be Mail
The postal service may be struggling, but there are always going to be some things that have to be sent in a hard copy. For example, gifts will always need to be mailed to their recipients. Very few people would think about mailing a gift without first writing out a card, putting it in an envelope, and mailing the two items together. Therefore, there will always be the need for envelope printing services as well.

6. The Market Will Not Be Flooded
One of the largest problems with digital sources is that there are simply so many of them. While you may only have to choose between a handful of newspapers in New York, you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs devoted to news. These are often run by people who do not have to worry about telling the truth or checking facts. Because it offers a more reliable source and fewer options, people will turn to print news sources.

7. The Restaurant Business
Restaurants are unlikely to spend a lot of money on digital menus. Too often, customers would break them by dropping them, spilling their drinks, or spilling food. The cost would be tremendous when considering the risk. It is much, much cheaper to use standard menu printing services. Small restaurants in particular will always need paper menus for their customers.

It is true that printing companies are going to see some sort of an impact from digital books and digital media in general. In fact, that impact is already being felt as ebook sales keep setting records. However, it is clear that there will always be a market for traditional options, so those companies will flourish in the future. The inventions of these new technologies has not been so dramatic that it has made the other ones obsolete; it has merely given traditional companies a bit more market competition.

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