Top 5 Uses for Online Printing in Clinics

Medical offices can make great use of online printing services. Doctors, dentists, optometrists and even veterinarians all have various uses for printed documents. Here are the top five ways your medical office can utilize an online printing company.

Postcards – postcards are a great tool and have a variety of uses. Even if you make a habit of handing a reminder card to your client as they walk out of your door, chances are they’ll forget their next appointment. Mailing postcards three to four weeks before an upcoming appointment, or before needed testing or treatment, is a great way to boost client compliance. Postcards can also be used to inform clients of upcoming events at your clinic or monthly specials.


Business Cards – there is no better marketing tool than the humble business card. Cards can be set on your front counter, carried with you in your wallet or purse, tacked to information boards at local businesses and mailed out with flyers. Consider business card printing as a way to put your clinic’s name into the public mind for relatively little cost.

Brochures – veterinary clinics, in particular, can make excellent use of brochures. By having brochures printed, your clinic can share virtually limitless information with your clients in a very quick, easy-to-read format. From business hours to doctor’s names to services provided, brochures can contain a plethora of information. Brochures are perfect to have on hand when your clinic participates in any rescue rally, adoption fair or local event.

Color Copies – if your clinic uses the same patient forms on a daily basis, having them professionally printed can add a touch of class to otherwise dull paperwork. Protocols, charge slips and treatment logs can all be professionally printed in the colors of your choice. Color copies are perfect for client information sheets in your waiting area giving your patients an opportunity for education that may have otherwise been missed.

Greeting Cards – greeting cards are a proven way to connect with your clients and make you stand out from competing clinics. Sending cards on birthdays, holidays and pet birthdays are a personal touch that clients appreciate. Have a message printed on the inside of the card and have each member of your staff hand-sign the cards. Clients will appreciate the gesture and you’ll see referrals sky rocket.

Online printing can offer you these options and so much more. Letterhead, labels, hangtags, envelopes and door hangers are all additional options that can set your clinic apart from the rest. Printing services can offer your clinic a professional yet personal touch that other clinics may be lacking.

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