Tips on Printing Services in Los Angeles: Captivate with Catalogs

In Los Angeles, nearly every person going after his or her dream has a headshot or two in the wallet, and for good reason, too—how else to sell themselves to talent agencies and take their Hollywood aspirations to the next level? Similarly, your own products too, need the best visual exposure it can get to clear them off the shelves fast. What better way to accomplish this than by investing in compelling catalogs through reliable Los Angeles printing services.


Before you start designing your catalog, you should first think about the right paper to use; basically, always choose high quality paper proper for the photos you’re using. Opt for durable ones that are pleasing to the touch. If your catalog has about 16 or more pages, use cover stock for its cover to give your catalog a nice sturdy and bound look.



If you’re planning a landscape catalog layout that divides a single sheet of paper in two, the cost-efficient choice is to make your catalogs in increments of 16 or 32 pages—this way, you wouldn’t be wasting any pages. When it comes to paper size, the standard format to use is (8-3/8″ x 10-7/8″).


Marketing Scoop writer Steven Smith talks about one of the most important aspects of creating your business catalogs—the design.

“What design choices must be made before getting a printing quote for your catalog project? Let’s start off with paper for the cover followed by the inside that is often referred to as body or text pages. There is an old saying about the need to tell what’s in a book or catalog by its cover. With that in mind, the cover needs to be your single most important and impactful page. Covers are frequently printed on a heavier weight paper called cover stock. Using cover weight stock results in greater durability and a heftier, more upscale feel especially for catalogs with 16 or fewer pages. The body or inside pages are usually printed on text weight stock. Text paper is lighter than cover weight stock.”


When planning the layout of your business catalog, keep in mind that the key is to present your products in the most creative and efficient way possible. Make sure that your reader can easily browse through your offerings and how much they’re worth. You can also put a description for each item, but do be sure to keep it brief.

To make sure that your catalog comes out captivating enough for your customers, hire reliable Los Angeles printing companies like Master Copy Print. Keep your catalog simple, aesthetically-pleasing and easy to browse through.

(Source: Catalog Printing Tips, Marketing Scoop)

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