The Top 5 Ways to Leverage Digital Printing for Marketing and Promotion

online printing servicesThe printing industry has been deemed largely irrelevant since the dawn of the Internet age, but digital printing has reawakened this vital industry with a new sense of purpose and excitement. With digital printing, it’s possible to produce rich printed materials that include vivid graphics, photos, and unique text, drawing customers’ attention in a number of new ways. Best of all, digital printing can turn everyday items into promotional materials that will drive website conversions, bring in new customers, and spread a company’s image and mission in a way that mere digital communication simply cannot accomplish.




When considering digital printing versus digital marketing for company promotion, there are five key ways to leverage real world products with digital printing that will surpass the effectiveness of online promotion. Website and business owners everywhere would do themselves a great service by embracing these five techniques to smartly grow their business.

1. Turn Late-Night Munchies into a Promotional Opportunity

Magnets have long been a staple on virtually every refrigerator around the world. Whether they’re holding up calendars, reminders, business cards, or any number of other materials, magnets are moderate in size and perfect for company logos, slogans, or other designs. With digital printing, it’s possible to create magnets that are unique both in the message they convey and in the shape they present to those who put them to use on refrigerators anyway.

The transition to digital technologies in the printing industry means that it’s easy to create magnets of varying sizes and shapes, and then apply an overlay to those magnets that includes the company’s colors, images, and branding marks. Virtually any color is on the table in this situation, making it easy to deploy effective and eye-catching imagery that will linger through every evening snack a customer enjoys.

2. Produce Promotional Flyers to Draw New Customers

Just a few short years ago, most professionals had decided that the traditional promotional flyer was dead. Its usefulness had been supplanted by Facebook, Twitter, and the rise of promotional emails that served a similar purpose but were easier to execute on a mass scale. What people soon found, however, was that they were able to achieve higher conversion rates and traffic numbers by generating traffic with flyers versus social media. Those flyers also allowed them to target real neighborhoods and shopping centers, rather than obscure social media users or groups.

Digital printing helped in the revival of promotional flyers, radically transforming their appearance. Traditionally, promotional flyers relied on their paper to provide color and appeal. That meant finding a bright color of paper or card stock, and printing an all-black message on top. It worked before the internet, but was decidedly boring afterward. Digital printing allows companies to promote themselves using full-color images on white paper. That means full-color company logos, backgrounds, graphics, and fonts. Flyers are now attractive and interest, and far more effective for promotion.

3. Integrate Print and Digital with Modern Catalogs

Just like the traditional flyer, the traditional catalog has been deemed extinct at various times throughout the last fifteen years. This, however, is one area where most people agree: The traditional catalog is definitely quite dead. The modern catalog, however, represents a significant opportunity to drive sales and website conversions. These catalogs focus not on mail order products, but on actually advertising those products and driving visits to a company’s website.

Long gone are the days of flimsy, all-white magazine packages with models wearing or using a product. Today, catalogs feature pages with vivid background colors, excellent designs, modern fonts, and attractive product presentation. They show the product, caption it, and describe its best uses. Modern catalogs then provide a short URL that consumers can use to head online and buy the product. Digital printing also allows for the inclusion of QR barcodes, able to be scanned by mobile phones, which can take the consumer directly to the website without a single keystroke.

4. Stickers are Fun and Effective

Digital printing has opened up a number of new avenues for promotion, not the least of which is the modern sticker. Sure, they’re often thought of as disposable, and they might be just that. But they’re also fun and effective for businesses looking to create a “street team” or promote their products at a booth located at a convention center or a smaller community event. Stickers, like other digitally printed products, can be produced with vivid colors and logos. They can also be given unique shapes that are as eye-catching as they are effective.

For creative companies who can develop trendy slogans or phrases, stickers offer a more permanent solution. Trendy stickers are used on laptops, mobile phones, and cars, to communicate personality and taste. This offers the company a sort of mobile billboard that travels wherever their customers do, and that’s a really big deal.

5. Ship Complimentary Print Items with Each Purchase

Many of the items listed above are excellent ways to communicate via mail or in-person booths at big events. They’re also a great way to leave a lasting message with consumers after each of their purchases. Consider including a few promotional stickers or magnets with smaller purchases, and offer a complimentary catalog with high-dollar purchase amounts. That helps consumers feel a bit more connected to the brand and, in the case of the catalog, gives them a reason to come back and buy even more of the company’s goods or services next time they have a certain need. Best of all, everyone likes getting a free item with their purchase. It creates value and loyalty, and is simply an excellent sales mentality.

Plenty of Opportunities in Print

Print is alive and well, having successfully managed the transition from traditional uses to more digitally-inspired ones. Companies who embrace this thriving industry will find themselves more visible, more profitable, and more individual. The benefits of those three characteristics in business simply cannot be overstated.

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