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Business Card Printing – How To Make Them Really Great!

Businesses just starting out or long-established businesses wanting to grow, both desire more contacts and better networking. Contacts can be found in meetings and at conventions, but they can also be found sitting next to someone on an airplane, or talking to someone in line. The digital printing industry is constantly changing and innovating, making it easier and more worth the money for printing business cards for any person wanting to expand their network.

What Makes A Good Business Card

  • Red is a color that is very attractive to the eye. Using red in the logo or in the writing is a great way to get the business card looked at more than once.


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Eight Tips for Minimizing Printing Costs

cost in printingFor businesses that rely on printed materials, printing costs can be quite substantial. Whether a business utilizes direct mailers, prints color brochures or uses marketing materials that are professionally printed, every business can cut some of the costs for their printing needs. No matter the type of print job or how often your business requires printed materials, saving money on printing is cash in the bank for many businesses. Eight tips for minimizing print costs for your business include:




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5 Reasons To Visit A Print Shop In The Digital Age

online printingA print shop is far from obsolete. If anything, printing services are more in demand than ever before. The Digital Age simply presents you with more ways to print, not less. Even if you have a website and a social media presence, it doesn’t mean that your marketing stops there. You will still want to have a lot of offline marketing as well.

Give Your Customers a Take Away

Your online presence is important, but what about reminding people that you exist before they go online? A business card is going to be the take away that you give customers. It will have all of the important things about your business on it. Remember that not all customers go online. With business card printing, you can appeal to both types of customers.

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Top 10 Mistakes with Business Card Printing

business card printing companyBusiness cards are incredibly important to businesspeople and freelancers. If you go to networking events or speak with someone in person, then you will likely be judged on how well your business card is. This might seem a little fickle, but taking time to design the right business cards shows that you are willing to go the extra mile for your clients. If you want to be taken seriously, then avoid these 10 mistakes when you get business card printing.




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Stationary Printing – Make a Great First Impression with Your Customers

Written communications drive 90% of business conversations. If you look around your office, you will notice piles of papers including invoices, sales letters, memos and company directives from upper management. The list can goes on and on, but you never consider the stock this information flows on. Your stationary is seen in the eyes of all who interact with your business. Do you really want to make the best impression with prospective customers? Think about it.



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Online Printers – Quick Tips to Find the Best Provider

Online printing companies spring up in the 1,000s over the last three years. Small business owners with tight budgets use these companies to manage their printing needs including brochures, business cards, folders, stationery and flyer printing. Unlike other companies on the web, a reliable and reputable online printer tends to show three signs of promise.




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