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The Top Nine Business Card Printing Trends

needs for printingBusiness card printing is much more than a piece of paper with a business’s name and phone number. It makes an instant impression on the quality of the business, long before a customer ever steps foot inside. Done well, it can be a powerful promotion tool. The top nine business card printing trends below are some of the most eye catching.

1. Today’s modern technology allows for printing on a variety of creative surfaces. In addition to traditional card stock, business owners can choose from metal, wood, rubber, and cloth. Some of the more outrageous choices include dried meat strips and leather.



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Myths About Business Card Printing

myths in printingYou need to know the various myths about business card printing. If you are informed in this regard, it can help you to understand what people are saying about business cards and how this information can lead you astray. As a business owner, it is your job to learn about the different things that you can do in your profession to build your company image and to increase sales. The myths that are listed below need to be expanded upon so that you do not make a mistake in your industry.




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The Importance of a Quality Business Card Layout

Even in today’s digital age, business cards are a staple item for networkers. They are a quick and easy way to hand all your vital company and contact information to new connections, including potential clients or investors. Especially at networking events, however, people receive business cards at a rate of a dime a dozen. It is extremely easy for your business card to get lost in the shuffle and overlooked. Working with a digital design company can do wonders for desiging a unique card. Designing and using your cards well can help make sure your card gets noticed and a new contact, cemented.

The Design

The first step in designing your business card is to work on the arrangement. It is always a good idea to add an eye catching image to the card, and most people choose to use their company logo, which is always a safe bet. If you are working on designing the company logo, you should also test the design by arranging it in different orientations and sizes. Does it look well flipped around?



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Eight Common Colossal Mistakes People Make on Their Business Cards

business card designsBusiness cards are a great takeaway when you meet a new business prospect. But if you make these common mistakes in card design, you’ll be sabotaging your success when you hand out your shiny new cards.

Putting a picture of yourself on the card: It’s tempting to put an image on your card in order to make yourself more memorable. But in reality there are really few industries where your looks are as important as what’s on the cards.


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Carefully Designed Business Cards are a Business’ Best Friend

business card designsDrawing in customers and turning shoppers into buyers is always an ongoing challenge for existing as well as new businesses, but business card printing is a clever way to advertise your company. No matter what stage your business is in, it’s always convenient to be able to pass these little cards out. Whether it’s a large corporation, a mid-size operation or a start up, thoughtful business card printing is a must-have tool to survive in the competitive marketplace.




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4 Things a Business Should Outsource to a Printing Company

choosing a printing companyWhile some small business owners think they can do everything properly on their own, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, some things need to be outsourced. Outsourcing allows employees to focus on things more directly related to a company’s products or services. It’s also true that sometimes other firms can simply do the job better.



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