Signs and Banners — 7 Ways They Can Seriously Boost Your Foot Traffic

bannersWe’ve all seen local businesses using signs and banners to attract customers and foot traffic. As more and more business gets done online, more and more entrepreneurs, advertisers, and marketers have realized this is also where advertising happens. With the emphasis placed on the widespread interconnectivity that social media and targeted advertising have afforded us, plenty are forgetting the effectiveness of some good, old fashioned wide format printing.




Have we forgotten how effective a well-executed banner or sign can be? If you’re in charge of a business with a physical location, you can use signage in creative or striking ways to put an interesting twist on a tried-and-true method of marketing.

1. Show Your Personality

Signs don’t have to feature straightforward advertising copy, you know. Think about some of the most effective ad campaigns, right off the top of your head. The ones that stick with you and leave the strongest impression probably did so because they used their mediums in creative, different ways.

Budget isn’t an issue here, either. You can create just about anything you might need for a local business using the resources available at your local print shop. Just so long as you’re creative and unique, people will pay attention.

2. Create a Campaign

Campaigns are especially effective if you’ve got more than one physical location to your business. Even if you don’t, creating a campaign that uses a unified theme or idea spread across multiple locations or over a period of time is a great way to build brand loyalty and customer participation.

Storytelling has always been an invaluable aspect of marketing, and you can apply the principle to a sign and banner marketing campaign. By creating a unified theme or story, your clientele will have something with which they can engage over a sustained period of time. Do this well enough, and you could have customers who are coming back just to check out the next installment in your great ad campaign!

3. A Killer Call to Action

Really grabbing your customer’s attention is one thing, converting that attention to the desire to make a purchase is another. No matter how slick or cool-looking your window cling or banner is, it won’t matter if it’s missing the element that really compels your potential customers to get out that wallet and actually make a purchase.

Appeal to your potential clientele by creating a sense of urgency and/or exclusivity — two of the most effective methods for creating an effective call-to-action. If you highlight that your offer or sale is only going to be good for a limited amount of time, or emphasize another reason it’s important to act now (dates are especially good for this), then passers-by will be that much more compelled to come in and take a look, lest they miss out on something great.

4. Be Comprehensive & Connected

We discussed the Internet very briefly earlier, and mostly in the context of it leading to business owners overlooking the benefits of things like wide format printing and window clings. This doesn’t make the Internet a bad thing, however. In fact, your business probably already has quite an online presence, and it should definitely be comprehensively tied in with your physical sign and banner campaign running outside of your physical locations.

Being thorough in your branding only makes your company look more professional and buttoned-up, in a good way. Keep the tone and imagery consistent across both your physical and online advertising assets so your message is as clear and effective as it can possibly be.

5. Use Striking Colors and Graphics

Don’t just pick the first design or color scheme that you like and go with it. These aspects of your marketing campaign are well-suited to an extra bit of thought and research. This can be as simple as soliciting the opinions of those around you. Either way, it’s best to consider a couple of different options and really make sure your color scheme and graphics are striking, clean, and represent your business in the best way possible. Whether we realize it or not, colors are associated with feelings and emotions on a level that is often completely unconscious, and you can use this to your advantage.

6. Offer Something Exclusive

Special offers are a great way to really give signs, banners, window clings, and other large format printing assets some serious effectiveness. A great way of doing this is positioning the offer so that it’s not front-and-center in your advertisement. If customers can feel like they’ve noticed it on their own, they’ll be that much more excited to claim the offer. This is especially true if they think they might be one of the only people to have noticed your exclusive offer. Either way, if you can come up with an offer that’s exclusive to those who have seen your signs and banners, you’ll be able to really maximize that ad space effectively.

7. Be Timely

Appeal to current events in your advertising. Make references that are of the moment, so you can connect with people on a more immediate basis. Online printing has made it easy to create and execute large format designs quickly, so you can appeal to cultural topics with which people are already familiar. This is another good way to add some humor to your campaign, which is arguably one of the most effective tools.

Regardless of your approach, there are a ton of easily-executed strategies that can help you make the most of a large format printing campaign. Signs and banners have never been easier to design and create. Creating something unique, original, and attractive is a great way to get noticed and drive some serious foot traffic.

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