Seven Considerations When Selecting a Printing Company to Produce Your Brochure

choosing a printing companySelecting a printing company to print a quality brochure is a challenge for some people. If you do not already have a printing company that you regularly use, consider these five criteria when selecting a company to perform quality work when printing a professional color brochure.

1.) Customer Service

A great printing company will have great customer service. When you are selecting a printing company to which you will entrust your professional brochure, one of the most important factors is the customer service that they provide. You will need to work closely with the printing company so you will want to make sure that you have a rapport with the individuals you will be working with.




Some printing companies are more customer oriented than others. Make sure that the company you choose provides outstanding customer service and does not mind talking through the details of your project with you. You need to work with a customer service professional who listens intently to your ideas and is able to repeat them back to you. You will need to have confidence that the person you work with on the project has a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with the brochure.

2.) Printing Capabilities

When choosing a printing company to create your professional color brochure, you want to select a printer with the capabilities to print a quality product. If you see your brochure in glossy, full color, make sure that the printing company you select has the capabilities to print on glossy paper with high quality glossy ink. You will also need to consider whether the company will fold the brochures for you once they are printed. Ask the printing company what types of folding options they provide. Options include French folds, tri-folds, simple folds and accordion folds. Chances are that you have an idea of how you would like the brochures to fold when you are in the concept phase. Just make sure that the company you select has the capabilities to fold the brochures the way you would like them folded.

3.) Quality

You will need to ensure that the printing company does quality work. You may ask to see a few samples of brochures they have produced for clients in the past. Most printing companies are willing to share their previous work with you. A great printing company will have a portfolio for you to peruse. The ideal printing company for your brochure may be one that has been referred to you by another person. No matter how you determine that the company does quality work, be sure that you will get a quality product before you place your order.

4.) Price

Price is always a consideration in business transactions. You may need to shop around to find the best price for the quality of work you need. Generally, the more elaborate the brochure order, the more the printing will cost. The higher the quality of paper the brochure is printed on, the more the brochure order will cost. Folding options may be extra. You will need to determine the balance between the options you want and the cost of those options. Generally, you will get what you pay for so choose carefully. The cheapest printing company is probably not the best option if you want a quality product.

Many printing companies list their prices online. Using the company websites is one way to save time when comparison shopping. If you need more detailed information, call the company with your questions. If the printing company is not able to answer your questions on the phone, then they probably will not be your first choice.

5.) Convenience Factor

One of the most important factors when selecting a printing company to print your professional color brochure is the convenience factor. Many online printing companies offer convenience with the ability to order your brochures via an online ordering system. However, you will not see the brochures until you receive them by delivery or in the mail. A brick-and-mortar print shop will be able to show you samples of your brochures before the entire batch is printed. You may request that you have the option to approve the brochures before the batch is printed. If changes need to be made, you have the chance to make the changes.

However, online printing companies offer the convenience of ordering your brochures from home or the office. You will not need to travel to the printer’s location to pick up the order. They will be shipped to you. Determine which printing company meets your needs with regards to the convenience factor.

6.) Distribution Options

Some printing companies will distribute your brochures to customers. Others will simply ship them to you. Though you will pay postage and extra costs for the printing company to distribute your brochures, the cost may be worth it for you. Examine the distribution and delivery options offered by each printing company you consider.

7.) Guarantees

Finally, consider guarantees that may be offered by the printing companies you consider. Will they guarantee delivery by a certain date and time? Does the company offer a satisfaction guarantee? Only a company that is confident in their ability to deliver a good product will offer a guarantee. Find out what guarantees are offered by the printing company you select to print your professional color brochures.

Whether you are a marketing professional designing brochures for a customer or you are a business owner designing brochures for your own venture, the printing company you select to print the brochures can make or break the effort. Ensure that the printing company you select is the best one for your needs. Once you have discovered a printing company that provides excellent service and produces a good product, consider using the company. All companies appreciate repeat business. Developing a long-term relationship with a good printing company will save time and even money as you offer repeat business to them.

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4 Responses to Seven Considerations When Selecting a Printing Company to Produce Your Brochure

  1. Marvin Bogan says:

    I once hired a printing company to print my business brochures, to do a french fold type. But they ended up printing for a trifold type, explaining that their printers are unable to print in the french fold format.

    It was very unprofessional and deceitful of them to hide such a fact from me, hoping that I’d be swayed easily. I rejected all their work and demanded a refund immediately.

  2. Eric Zajac says:

    Usually I’ll ask the company to send me a sample copy for me to approve first before the batch printing starts. I always order online for the convenience sake, but it’s hard to judge their work without seeing the physical form beforehand.

  3. Hannan says:

    My previous printing company did a pretty good job on the printing and the final product. But there was once where there was a mistake made on their side, and when I contacted them to correct it, they took almost a week to reply only to say that they can’t do anything about it. No doubt their quality is good, their inefficient customer service made me immediately cancel my business deal with them.

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