Sales Sheets – Quick Tips to Create Effective Marketing Materials

Your company works hard to secure sales appointments, but your marketing materials are a bit outdated. Sometimes it’s hard to make an impact with so many options available including websites, blogs and product reviews floating around. According to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) report, customers use up to 10.4 sources before making purchase decision (2011). Your company needs to have at least six to eight sources readily available – a sales sheet is first.



Keep the Copy Short

Sales copy is a primary concern for many small business owners. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of writing long paragraphs instead of writing short, snappy copy. Snappy copy contains seven to nine words per sentence. A short paragraph needs only four or five sentences to make a point. Write up the sales copy for your sales sheet in as little words as possible for decision makers to read, consider and follow up.

Use 1” Column Margins

White space is a friend in sales because it makes the short, snappy copy look “clean”. Cluttered sales sheets are typically overbearing and distracts readers. If you want to make an impression, consider deleting wordy sentences or spreading out the content until the sheet looks open for note taking.

*NOTE: Consider adding note space on the back of your sales sheet for prospective customers to leave additional comments before calling you back.

Easy-to-Read Fonts

People do not like cluttered, fancy fonts that make it hard to read. Many decision makers do not have time to go over and over a sentence so your sales sheets must be simple. A popular font is Times Roman for body copy and Arial for headings and captions. Keep graphics at least 10pts away from the captions so customers can view the sales sheet from a distance then request it for additional reading.

Graphics to Texts

Graphics should include your product or service with as little background images as possible. Many sales sheets should only have one or two photos, but the copy needs to match the benefits and features. Consider using arrows to show directions of diagrams, sample photos of tangible products and/or screenshots of computer software. Be creative and make a sales sheet worth a second view.

Online printing companies offer sales sheet printing services for businesses just like yours. It’s vital to have high quality sales materials so decision makers call you back and respect your efforts. Unlike other printing options available, a professional printing service can enhance sales presentations and give your firm a leg up on the competition that use low quality printing services.

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