Printing Your Own Brochures Lets People Know More about Your Business

While a lot of Los Angeles businesses focus on online promotions, there’s still plenty of room to advertise your company in the “offline” world. Some of the more popular ways to do so are spreading posters and flyers, but the issue is that these options are rather light on the meat, so to speak. If you want to spread more information about your company in the real world, brochures are the way to go. Here are a few tips on making brochures that would get people’s attention.

Brochure Sample


Before you can start printing out brochures, you’ll need to have something to print in the first place. Though you can pass the task to others, it’s best to be the one in charge of designing the brochure because you know more about your business than anyone else. All you’ll need is a simple desktop publishing program. In a pinch, you can work on your brochure with Microsoft Word, which has templates that you can use to start off; in fact, there are over 80 templates preloaded on the word processing software just for this purpose. If you want to go beyond that, there are more advanced programs like Page Plus and others.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re designing. Remember the simple AIDA principle: Attract, Interest, Desire, and Action. You’ll want to get the reader’s attention with visuals, then pique their interest with descriptions of your products and services. You’ll then want to make them desire your products, and you should end with a way for them to contact you or buy your products.

Most importantly, use headlines and graphics to deliver the information you want quickly. You can work with professional graphic designers to help spruce up your content.


Once you’ve got your brochure designed, it’s time to get it printed. Though it may be tempting to have it just printed out on your office printer, it would be better to have it done by professional printing services like Master Copy & Printing. For one, such companies have access to the glossy paper that’s best for brochures. Another reason is that they can print brochures in large amounts; your office printer is going to run out of ink before you fully print out a hundred of them. It’s even easier nowadays with online printing; just send the printer a copy of the brochure files and the professionals can have it printed out within the day. 

Attract and inform your audience with first-rate brochures. Have these professionally printed now to impress your potential customers. 

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