Printing Traditional Business Cards: How Much Do You Really Need?

How Magazine contributor and freelance creative professional Jeremy Flagg is no stranger to business cards. His line of work requires the use of business cards so he can complement his brand, though he endeavors to stay within the bounds of being “Green.” He once ordered 1,000 pieces of business cards, expecting them to last him at least a year or two, only to realize that much of his business cards will apparently be turned to waste.


He started noticing a few problematic things with this batch of cards, such as information that doesn’t match with a specific business intent, or outdated contact details. As a solution, some suggested that he use stickers to cover inactive numbers, or even scratching things out entirely and ordering a new batch. Eventually, he came to realize that he might’ve made too much, and gave this practical piece of advice: printing a large number of business cards is advisable only if there are plans to relocate the business, if the turnover is low, or contact numbers are changed regularly.

Business cards are perhaps the simplest, yet one of the most effective forms of advertisement for any professional. Such has made it a dedicated offering among local printing firms, such as Master Copy Print, which primarily serves Los Angeles. It’s conveniently small, has the necessary business information, and it’s effective yet simple marketing without being hard sell.

Forbes contributor Andy Ellwood, however, isn’t a fan of carrying lots of business cards with him to business events. He strongly believes in carrying only one card at a time, which most folks would find risky—of course, you can be left completely empty-handed if a big-time client comes along and you’ve already given out your only card to somebody else. Ellwood’s answer is simple: he doesn’t care if the potential client has his contact details; what matters is that the client’s contact information is his for the taking.

When it comes to ordering business cards, though, things are already pre-set with professional printing services. Shops from Los Angeles and beyond generally require clients to do a minimum order, typically numbering anywhere from 250 to 500 pieces. Experts recommend that customers go with the initial minimum order, and then subsequently gauge the product’s effectiveness over a period of six months. Doing so allows for enough time to alter contact details should the need arise, or perhaps add information which were otherwise not present before.

Bottom line is: the amount of cards to order and bring at any business event is up to one’s personal discretion. After all, it’s not quantity that win deals, but quality—in both design and distribution.


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