Printing Services for Band Promotion: 5 Tips for Getting Your Band Noticed

Band promotion tools have become a sub-genre of the fine arts. Many local music festivals now incorporate band poster and flyer art into their activity lineup by setting up a gallery show to display posters from the local music scene. Promoting your band’s shows is the responsibility of the band members; it’s best not to rely entirely on clubs to do the promotion for you. Here are five ideas for getting your band noticed using flyers, posters and other printing services.



1. Make Your Posters Stand Out

Engage the services of an artist or graphic designer friend to create visually interesting posters for your band’s shows. Some bands create a new poster for each show; others have a large supply of standard posters they use to promote all of their shows. Leave space at the bottom of the poster to write in the venue, date and time of each show. Poster printing can be done on standard paper, or you can choose specialty papers in a variety of sizes and finishes. The glossier and larger your poster, the more notice it will get.

2. Hand Out Flyers

Printing flyers for your show is a good way to personally invite people to come see your band. Flyers can be a smaller version of the poster or they can be a different design altogether. Since flyers are smaller, usually 1/4 of a letter-sized sheet of paper, make sure they aren’t too busy and that the show information is clearly readable. Flyer printing can be done on your home printer, at a copy center, or online. Place stacks of flyers in various locations where potential fans will find them.

3. Consider Signs and Banners

Sign and banner printing is a little more expensive than poster and flyer printing, but a reusable sign or poster promoting your band can come in handy in a variety of ways. Hang the banner behind you on stage so that audience members will remember your name. Loan your banner to venues you’re playing at so they can hang it in the window to advertise your show; use removable sticker paper to display the time and date of the show on the banner.

4. Keep Business Cards Handy

Like a small flyer, business cards are good for handing out to potential fans. Business card printing can be fairly inexpensive, and will provide potential fans with your website information and musical genre so they can search you out if they’re interested. Additionally, business card-sized magnets are available with a sticky side to adhere your cards to; hand them out as promotional gifts at your shows.

5. Design a Window Cling

A graphic, easily-recognizable window cling is a good way to let fans know you’re playing on a given night. Incorporate your band name and “Appearing Tonight!” on your window cling, then put it up in the front window of the venue on the day of the show.

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