Photo Printing in Los Angeles: More Photographers Now Self-Publishing

A photograph is worth a thousand words, and what better way to immortalize a wondrous moment you had the good fortune to witness by capturing it on camera? For those who have a keen interest on photography, having your photographs printed with the help of leading Los Angeles printing services could help preserve the moments you were able to capture.

Sadly, photography has become more of a subject of capitalism, and one blatant example of this is the recent purchase of a seemingly simple photograph of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Titled “Phantom” and taken by landscape photographer Peter Lik, the photograph was sold for a staggering $6.5 million, making it the most expensive photograph ever taken.

When Photographers Become Self-Publishing Companies

These days, professional photographers are looking beyond traditional photo book publishers by printing their own works as photo books. Josh Lustig, a wildlife photographer, steers clear of publishers’ requests not only of quality work, but also part of the funds needed to print a book. Photographers like Lustig thought that, with this kind of mindset publishers have, it’s better for photographers to have the freedom to do as they please with the series of photos they have instead of giving a thousand dollars to the publishers.

In selling these self-published photo books, photographers like Vasantha Yogananthan, upon publishing her book entitled “Piemanson”, was able to skip the worry of charges from distributors and made it affordable for photography enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the compiled copies of her works, yet, even with a strong rapport with booksellers, the profit isn’t that much. For this, photographers may use other tactics, such as offering higher-priced limited editions.

Photography remains, and will remain to be, an art, regardless of all the arguments made against it. Camera phones and other digital cameras can even be able to capture photographs that are at par with those captured by a traditional camera, and these could also be considered as photography, according to Sean O’Hagan. He asserts that photography is as vibrant as it has ever been, especially now in the modern world, and he points out how rich collectors and auction houses—because of their excesses—has lessened people’s appreciation for photography as a form of art.

Like Lustig and Yogananthan, you could begin making your own name in the photography industry, or make a wonderful souvenir of your vacation shots or special event (e.g. weddings, reunions) photos, by acquiring quality Los Angeles printing services that could help you create your first photo book. Printing services from companies such as Master Copy & Printing can seamlessly transform a vision you saw through your viewfinder into an immortalized photograph that will last a lifetime.

(Source: When Photographers Become Self-Publishing Companies, Time, December 4, 2014)

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