Online Printing for Restaurants

Door hangersRestaurants have a lot of printing needs. Fortunately, the online printing services available can handle all of these needs. Here are some of the top types of documents that restaurants can take advantage of.

Menu printing – the menu is the main document that people will see that reflects your business. Whether you run a quick take out place or a five star restaurant, you want professional looking menus that reflect your brand and the quality of your food. Menus can be printed as simple disposable paper options, tri-folds that patrons can look at in place of overhead menu signs, or as formal book-like menus for more elaborate places. These may be spiral bound or feature replaceable sheets on high-quality paper that slide into leather-bound covers.

Door Hangers Printing – Hang tags are an effective way to advertise to the local community. You can create simple single-color tags or elaborate multi-color items with photos.

Gift certificate printing – Gift certificates are one of the most common restaurant gifts. Instead of buying stock certificates that you fill in by hand, online printers can create customized gift certificates for your business. You can design your own certificates or take advantage of templates online. These can be personalized to your business and include graphics or logos of your choosing.

Signs and banners – whether for new restaurants awaiting permanent signage, as banner advertisements for specials, or publicly placed signs to attract business, restaurants can benefit from signs and banners. Like the other products discussed above, you can create your own designs or use templates with or without graphics for your printing.

Business card printing – Not only will you want managers and owners to have business cards, but there are many benefits to printing generic cards for your business with contact information, hours, and links to your website. These can be placed in takeout or doggie bags and made available at the hostess desk or counter for customers to take home.

Postcard printing – Like business cards, post cards are easy to send home with customers. You can also send them out as invitations or coupons to customers on your mailing list. They are easy for someone to keep in a drawer or put on their refrigerator as a reminder to visit your restaurant.

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