Menu Printing: The Secret to Your Restaurant’s Success

menu printingFirst impressions are everything. The instant a customer picks up your menu, they both consciously and subconsciously make judgments about your restaurant.

Consider the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The saying has been around for more than three quarters of a century, yet we still are all guilty of judging things by their appearance. No matter how good your restaurant’s food and service may be, the appearance of your menu remains pivotal to the ultimate success of your business.



As you can guess, you get what you pay for.

Most menu printing companies will let you customize your menu. Whether the business is conducted on the Internet or in person, you can expect to be presented with a variety of paper types of contrasting qualities. Using 80# or 100# paper is common for restaurants who offer a delivery service and want to distribute as many menus as possible. Higher end restaurants typically use 10pt or 14pt paper and although this paper is more expensive to produce, it lasts longer and commands more respect from customers.

Aside from the type of paper you use, there are other things that factor into the overall quality of your menu.

Cover – Hardcovers are expensive to print but offer protection and add a little bit of class to you menu.

Lamination – Ever spill a drink while out to eat? Okay, maybe you’re not a klutz like me, but at the very least you have likely sat down at a table that has just been cleaned and is still a little wet. Think of laminating your menus as flood and disaster insurance without the yearly fee.

More Choices to Make

The quality of your menu is not purely determined by how much money you spend. Consulting with or hiring an expert may be worth it for beginners, especially if they don’t possess a special artistic talent.

Color – Adding too much color will look a bit “cheesy”, but the perfect amount of color can keep your menu from being bland while still remaining elegant.

Text – Cursive? Print? Black and white or color? No one text style is always going to be better than another so this job is best done by someone with an artistic eye. Using bold or italic font to separate item titles from their descriptions is a common and popular practice among restaurant owners.

Pictures – Care to show off some of the tastiest items on the menu?

Have you ever rummaged through a stack of menus when looking for a place to order from or eat at? Which menu did you choose and why? Think about it.

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One Response to Menu Printing: The Secret to Your Restaurant’s Success

  1. Breeden says:

    Many of the high-end restaurants don’t bother to laminate their menus just to scrimp a little on their costs. Well, their menus tend to get stained every easily from all the minor spills from the clients, which is beyond our control, and they end up wasting more money replacing and reprinting the menus in the long run.

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