Menu Design Printing Tips: 5 Tricks to Get Your Diners to Order More

Menus are extensions of a restaurant’s brand identity. Smart Los Angeles restaurant owners know better than to treat their menus as a mere list of dishes. If strategically designed, a restaurant menu can stimulate appetite, create a memorable impression and make the entire dining experience all the more delightful for the customer.  Below are 5 menu design tips that can help drive profits for your restaurant:

Menu Design Printing Tips 5 Tricks to Get Your Diners to Order More

1. Use the “sweet spot”.  Customers unconsciously follow a specific eye pattern when reading a menu, according to On a 2-page menu for instance, they will first read slightly above the center of the right page. Then they will check out the first and last items on the list. The trick is to fill these spots with your best-selling (and profitable, of course) dishes to encourage a try.

2. Make it easily understandable.  Unless your customers are as knowledgeable as your chef, those sophisticated-sounding terms in your descriptions will actually sound annoying. Customers will appreciate it better if they have a clear picture of what the dish would be like without having to consult Google. Additionally, make sure the fonts aren’t hard to read. Those swirls, curves and curls sure look fancy, but it can detract from the readability of your menu.

3. Showcase your special dishes. Put your star items where they are easy to find. If you include them in a general list, use visual cues to distinguish them from the regular dishes. Does your restaurant offer vegan or heart-healthy dishes? Your customers with dietary constraints will surely love it if you help them find meals they can eat more easily.

4. Don’t make them think of money. The more customers think of money while ordering, the less they will be likely to spend. The trick is to remove currency signs and move the prices spaces away from the description so the customers focus more on food and not on how much they are going to pay.

5. Keep it presentable. This is a no brainer but some restaurants still make the mistake of presenting their customers worn out and tattered menu because they don’t think it matters all that much; it’s the food that counts, anyway. If you couldn’t care less about your menu’s condition, though, what could be going on in the kitchen? To keep your menu in perfect shape, use a plastic sleeve menu cover. Need a new set? A local Los Angeles printing company like Master Copy Print can deliver your new menus within a week.

Make your restaurant’s menu the best it can be. With keen menu design planning and high quality printing services, your menu can help boost profit for your Los Angeles food business.

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