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Business cards may seem an anachronism in this age of digital connections. It may surprise some people that Los Angeles printing services still provide business card printing options; aren’t LinkedIn profiles enough and easier to manage? The fact is, the humble business card still has its uses. Diane Gottsman, in an article for the Huffington Post, hails the staying power of the card:

“There’s no replacement for handing a new contact a business card that represents you and your company in a favorable light. Even though most people can easily find you by looking you up online, a professional business card sends a message of executive achievement. Consider it the final touch to a good first impression.”

A first impression lasts a long time in business, especially around Tinsel Town. With digital competition and online profiles crowding out the business card, people have resorted to catchy or whimsical designs that allow their contacts to give the name a second look.

5 common business card myths
Designing an Impressive Business Card

Print designers, such as those from Mastercopyprint.com, are visually trained to spruce up the elements on a card to make it more personalized and exceptional. Excellent Los Angeles printing services and their graphic design teams are never far behind the logo trends that annually sweeps the industry. The competition favors the edgy, dynamically fresh, and iconic. No one these days would want to keep a name card that is looking too generic.

You’ll want to put your personal mark on the card itself. Here are a few things to keep in mind. First, choose a signature color or color combinations. Adding color vibrancy to your card draws attention but don’t let the chromatic details hit hard on the eyes. Having a specific hue connected to your name or company, such as how red and white are associated with Coca-Cola, is a memory tag that helps people remember your name.

Second, organize your information on the card. Some stylishly simple cards display only a link to the business website, while some others feature a Quick Response (QR) code, along with the name and logo. Go beyond the traditional name, number, and address combination and try for trendier details that make use of fresh logo design trends and techniques across the globe. You may use the back space, too, to highlight reviews, quotes, and on-going business promos.

(Source: 5 Common Business Card Myths, Huffington Post, June 6, 2014)

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