Los Angeles Printing: How to Launch a Successful Print Ad Campaign

With the number of hours that people spend online, you’d think that print advertising is an obsolete medium that no one really pays attention to. You’d be wrong, however, to think print ads have gone the way of manual typewriters. In a recent article, Adweek contributor Tim Nudd presented 17 of the most awe-inspiring and creative print ad campaigns for 2013-2014. Below are three of the most notable.

Grand Prix

“Client: Shanghai General Motors / Buick
Agency: Lowe China, Shanghai, China
Gold Lion Campaign
This campaign featured real people who’d been injured by reckless drivers. They stood in the street and held up the exact signs those drivers had ignored. “Signs are there for a reason,” said the tagline.

Client: CVV / Emotional Support Hotline
Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo, Brazil
Gold Lion Campaign
This campaign took suicide notes and rearranged the words to make them mean the opposite. The tagline is: “Inside every suicide is someone who wants to live.”

Client: Jeep
Agency: Leo Burnett, Paris
Gold Lion Campaign
Jeep advertised its free-roaming ethos with images of animals which, when flipped, became different animals. “See whatever you want to see,” said the tagline.”

Once you see these print ads for yourself, you’ll be assured of one glaring fact: Print is not dead, and it’s actually thriving in the digital age. These printed ads may even inspire you to launch your very own print ad campaign, and when you do, it’s imperative that you answer two critical questions: What are you hoping to accomplish with your print ads, and do you have the right Los Angeles printing company for the job?

Perhaps you have a new product or service that has great sales potential. What better way to introduce your new offering to customers than a well-planned and well-executed print ad? A thorough analysis of the marketing demand can help you identify your goals. Meanwhile, doing some research into several Los Angeles printing services will help ensure that you get high-quality prints from only the best and most reliable printing company.

Print marketing is still a valid and effective way to reach your target market. Potential customers are exposed to a product or service they want, then they may pass the printed piece along to people they know. This form of marketing gets the print ad moving in new directions. For hi-definition ads printed on high quality material, top printing companies like Master Copy & Printing are your go-to providers for solutions to any printing needs.

(Source: The World’s 17 Best Print Campaigns of 2013-14, Adweek, June. 23, 2014)

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