Los Angeles Digital Printing Services Bring Poster Designs to Life

Posters dot the modern landscape and are a great way for businesses to reach a much wider and public audience. Before you have a Los Angeles digital printing service publish your creation, consider carefully how to arrange the design elements to convey your message.

how to design a poster

Whether the nature of the message is informative or promotional, a poster can serve the purpose to deliver the message to a wide public audience. In poster design, as emphasized on Creative Bloq, message and delivery are the key components that pull all other aspects to the final outcome:

“Behind a good poster should be a message or idea,” says Jesús Prudencio, the illustrator/designer behind the fantastic Cars and Films series of posters. “It must communicate something and should reach everyone.

“One of my passions is movies,” Prudencio explains. “I saw that there were many people making alternative movie posters,” he says, “but I tried to give another approach. I wanted to create a series, which I’m still working and I hope to grow, but not only legendary films, but also films that I admire and where cars are not as well known.”


After working on the focus of your message for your poster, you’ll move on to working the details or design elements to shape the message. Remember that your poster is a single entity; fonts, colors, and images should work together to have a singular effect. Changing fonts or colors mid-way is jarring to the viewer. You want a unity of effects for maximum impact.

In an educational poster, for example, use the same size for all images. Let no one image dominate, which can change the focus of your poster. Consistent color use—a solid background color with contrasting color for the print text and image—can pull off a unified effect on the viewer.


Though large format printing in Los Angeles can handle large poster sizes that can hold a lot of details, remember that, sometimes, it is best to work with only a few details that keep the focus well on the impact of the message. With people always in a hurry and gone in a lickety split, you’ll want the spirit and energy of the information effectively impressed upon the viewers. In this digital age, quite often, the fewer the details, the better.


Along the same vein, don’t get fancy. Simple, uncluttered designs are best, whether the intent is to advertise a movie or to inform a crowd. Emphasize the title and limit your color usage. Your images and diagrams should be clearly spaced, making sure the details on the poster don’t crowd each other out.

(Sources: How to design a poster: 10 pro tips, Creative Bloq, February 10, 2014)

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