Los Angeles Digital Printing Colors and Other Tips for your Print Ads

Different colors evoke different thoughts or responses from people, which is why selecting the colors for your print ads should be carefully deliberated. A recent study by the Ohio State University found that black and white images appealed much differently compared to colored print ads (where sneakers were the test subject). When shown the former, participants focused on the product’s functionality, while for the latter, they zeroed in on the product’s aesthetic design.

You may gravitate to dramatic grayscale or monochrome ads if you’re marketing products with basic features that make them a standout in doing what they’re supposed to, such as jeans for comfort, watches as timeless durable accessories, or cars for heavy-duty use. Conversely, you accentuate the dyes, lines or curves, and the unique designs of your products. Either way, you utilize colors to get your message across to consumers.


Picking the colors of your print ads is only one of a myriad of considerations to make. The content and the quality of printing should also be well thought out when finalizing your posters and other marketing materials. Here are some tips from Los Angeles digital printing experts:

Fuse your marketing strategies

It’s not enough to stick to conventional print ads these days, and some businesses even cut back on print ads to fuel their digital marketing tactics. That said, the conventional way to market remains indispensable for many business.

Make sure that anything you generate is consistent with your brand and that your print ads are designed with your brand’s identity. Put QR codes or links to your website, so you can direct your audience to your online platforms. Ensure that your name, logo, and color palettes are recognizable.

Tell a story

It’s also not enough to state the intentions of your ad if you really plan to capture the attention of, and encourage a response, from your audience. Integrate smart storytelling by using interesting graphics, creating focal points, and ensuring the logical or understandable order of the visual elements. Depict your message with the audience in mind and gear your approach toward their preferences.

Mind the means

Lastly, you have to guarantee that the ads are printed with the appropriate ink and on a suitable material. Look for established companies like Master Copy Print that provide high-quality banner, sign, and poster printing in Los Angeles. Consult their experts to know the specifications you need to design with and the printing service that best fits your requirements and goals.


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