Large Format Digital Printing in Los Angeles Expands Business Reach

When business owners in Los Angeles think of marketing, “bigger” is always top of mind. They aim for a bigger audience using bigger promotional materials. What can help achieve such a big goal better than huge banners and posters? Thanks to Los Angeles digital printing companies like Master Copy Print, large format printing has become a service within reach of companies in need of better marketing strategies.

Large Format Digital Printing in Los Angeles Expands Business Reach

What is large format digital printing?

Almost all types of promotional materials today, from flyers to brochures, are digitally printed. Very few are handcrafted for the simple reason that digital printing produces large volumes of high-quality prints in a short period. Large format printing, on the other hand, takes digital printing to another level. It involves printing to a size as large as 82 feet and may not involve paper.

The purpose of large format digital printing is simply to produce advertisements that are intended to be seen by many people. Billboards, banners, and large posters are the most common examples. Window graphics and floor adhesives can also be produced through digital printing. There are even automobiles seen with digitally printed coating containing business information.

Types of Printing Materials

While banners which are large enough to be classed as small format but not small enough to be categorized as large format can still be printed on a paper-based surface, large format printing is usually done on vinyl and canvas. Both are particularly durable and with high resistance against the elements. Most advertisers prefer them to other materials because they can withstand extended use. Billboards, which are meant to be displayed outdoors for an extended period, are therefore ideally made using vinyl.

The printer used in large format digital printing functions similarly as typical digital printers, except that it has a larger feed and multiple nozzles. The ink used is different, too, given the kind of printing surface utilized. UV ink is typically used since it produces longer-lasting print that can withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, typical ink may not go well with vinyl or canvas surfaces.

Importance to Your Business

If you are planning to do large format printing to improve your promotional strategies, make sure that the Los Angeles large format printing company you would choose uses top-of-the-line printers and materials. With high-quality banners and posters, you can surely capture the attention of a bigger audience.


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