In a Digital World, Flyer Printing is Still Both Pervasive and Effective

hiring digital printing servicesIt seems as if the very thought of paper might, itself, be old-fashioned, but digital printing is helping to revive and industry that has long suffered at the hands of the desktop computer and other digital media. Indeed, one of the most pervasive forms of digital printing the 21st century is the production of flyers which are used to promote a business’ products, services, or marketing message.




Flyer printing has actually not suffered a very noticeable decline in the past decade, and it’s largely due to the fact that this type of promotion brings a certain quality to marketing that digital media and viral content simply cannot do. Here are the main reasons that flyer printing remains both desirable and viable in a digital, 21st century economy.

1. Hanging Flyers Involves Social Interaction and Promotion

Many people have long predicted the death of print media, whether it’s the magazine and newspaper, the traditional book, or even the promotional flyers which dominate college campuses and more high-traffic urban environments. Those predictions largely miss the point, however: Flyer printing enables the kind of person-to-person interaction that digital media specifically prohibits just by its nature. Indeed, unlike the thoughtless act of spreading a digital “flyer” to friends, those who are engaged in digital printing for flyers must actually make a trip to the downtown area of a nearby city, or to a college campus, and put those flyers in noticeable areas.

While it’s certainly a way to drive thoughtful marketing, it’s also a way to foster interaction with those people who are traversing a college campus or visiting a city’s vibrant downtown. Flyer printing engages real conversation between those spreading the message and those who are seeing that message being put in place in realtime. These conversations are far more effective than digital media, as has always been the case, and it means that those passersby who see a flyer and its promoter will likely make it a point to check out a business, product, or service, while they are in the neighborhood.

2. Digital Printing Means Flyers Aren’t Boring Pieces of Paper Anymore

A few decades ago, before the rise of desktop and digital publishing efforts on behalf of businesses and individuals, the average flyer was uninspiring. Those flyers still worked, of course, because they exited in a relative context where every flyer was “boring” and thus there was no raising of the bar for more engaging text, graphics, or marketing copy. That, however, has been distinctly changed by the rise to prominence of digital printing services. Indeed, digital printing makes it possible to print a full-color photo, at a relatively large size, onto a typical flyer and engage passersby in splashes of bright colors, exciting text, and descriptive pictures.

Digital printing might actually be singlehandedly responsible for the continued viability of print flyers, largely because it has enabled flyers to look just like something in a typical vibrant magazine advertisement. Those who pass by a flyer at a college campus or in a downtown area will find it hard to ignore the new vibrancy which is a part of almost every traditional promotional campaign. It’s a great way for businesses to use old media when promoting a new generation of products and services.

3. Flyers are Still Hugely Affordable

Flyer printing may have gotten more elaborate and detailed, thanks in no small part to digital printing services, but the price for producing a large number of these flyers is still relatively flat and easily affordable for businesses of all sizes. They’re the original viral marketing tool, and that means that their low cost will lead to a pretty high rate of return that actually helps the business or individual make a strong return on their initial printing investment. In fact, it may even necessitate the creation of more digitally printed flyers in the future.

The key thing to remember about paper is that its relative decline in popularity has spurred a price war among major digital printing services throughout the world. That means that it’s never been more affordable and accessible to engage in flyer printing and promote a business to traditional consumers. While the decline in popularity of print media is certainly discouraging to some, this price war and the resulting savings in a marketing benefit is a distinct benefit that encourage the use of revolutionary digital printing tools.

Don’t Believe the Hype About the Downfall of Paper and Printing Services

it’s certainly trendy and controversial to predict that we will one day live in a world without paper, but digital printing is revolutionizing the way people think about traditional print media. Details of the death of print media, as Mark Twain would say in a traditionally-printed book, have been greatly exaggerated. Flyer printing remains popular, and digital printing is at the leading-edge of transforming the entire industry into one which adapts to new technologies, rather than buckles beneath the weight of their popularity.

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