How to Use Canvas Printing in Your Home

online canvas printingThe process of canvas printing creates a unique product. Instead of having your photographs on standard photo paper, you will have them on a canvas background that is similar to what artists use when doing an oil painting. The picture will digitally be printed onto this surface. If you are not familiar with this process, you may not be sure how to use the canvas photos in your home, so there are a few ideas listed below.

Using Frames

First of all, you could decide to work with a printing company that will also give you a frame. This make your picture look a bit more traditional, so you can hang it over the fireplace or on the back wall in the dining room.


A picture with a frame is often best on its own, so you should center it on the wall and allow the whitespace around it to make it more impressive than it would be otherwise.


Enlarging Small Photographs
You can also use printing services to enlarge the photographs that you have. Perhaps you have a standard-size photograph of you standing in front of the mountains. The vista is beautiful, but you are very small because the photographer wanted to get as much of the scene in the shot as possible. You can blow this photograph up to four times its original size when having it printed on canvas, but it will still look great since you were so small to begin with. Blowing up a traditional picture would make your face and body almost overwhelming, but a shot like the one described above will look artistic and stunning.


Creating a Frameless Display
Many people also use canvas printing services when they want to create a whole display, either putting multiple pictures in a row or hanging them in a rectangular pattern. This is most common when dealing with wedding photos or engagement photos. You can print off three or four different shots that capture the magical day and then hang them together. Leaving off the frames makes it feel like the whole wall is the frame.


The Appearance
One thing that you should know is that canvas does not have the same smooth appearance that photo paper has. Instead, it is slightly rough to the touch, in a way that is true to the material. Each bump stands out a bit more, slightly altering the picture. This is done so that the picture has just the essence of a real oil painting, but one that is done with such clarity that it looks like photograph.


Adhering to Your Sense of Style
As you can see, there are many ways to use the canvas pictures from an online printing company, so you really just need to sit down and consider your own sense of style. Which tactic will give you the look that you want in your home? Which type of print will look best in a bedroom, a living room, or a den? You should also keep in mind that it is possible to use different ideas and styles in different rooms of the home, providing the home with an all-emcopassing theme.

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