How to Spot Bad Poster Printing

When it comes to finding a printing company to output your poster printing, it is worth asking for samples or to look at previous work to find out whether the quality will suite your specific needs. To the untrained eye, there are some pieces of artwork that will look great, but upon closer inspection you may find that the quality is not quite up too detailed.



The first thing to look at is the image quality. Is the poster printout clear and sharp? When it comes to poster printing, the colors should be vibrant, but not too intense. You should not see any blurry or fuzzy text and colors should look full and natural. Take extra care in noticing that skin tones look real.

Take a look at the type of paper that the posting printing samples are done on. You want the paper to be relatively durable and thick. If you find that printing companies are using thin paper for the samples, you have to question the type of paper that is used for the actual work. The last thing you want is to find that posters are being damaged quickly due to the paper quality. If in doubt, move onto the next printing company.

Finally, examine the trimming or cutting that is done on the samples. The cutting on the samples should be smooth and done well – should not be jagged and should be perfectly straight. Some printing companies may have staff that are less experienced with the tools of the trade and will sometimes make mistakes with the cutting. This is something that you want to pay attention to because it will make your poster look bad even if the quality of the print is excellent.

The above are just a few things to look out for when it comes to poster printing. Asking a company to see samples of their work is a great way to see what you will actually get; it will help to ensure that the work will be done to your expectations.

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5 Responses to How to Spot Bad Poster Printing

  1. Eva Cassidy says:

    Distorted images are typically a sign of bad scaling. This is of course the bad type of poster printing that you should avoid. So make sure that you watch out for these and change your printing options accordingly.

  2. Arthur says:

    True color posters always need thick paper materials so that they can last longer. If you want your images to be crisp and each line to be crystal clear, then you should watch for samples without these spills and blots.

  3. MAX DAVIES says:

    Posters are of course expected to bare a great degree of moisture or dirt damage. So, there must be special coating over it. It is referred to have advanced coating for water or dirt resistance.

  4. Catherine says:

    Sometime looking closer can provide answer to your queries. A poster may look great from a distance but when you look closer you may see that the image is not perfect. Angles of the print are also important to take decision.

  5. Pamela Rahael says:

    Paper quality is important to check. Check the finishing properly and minutely See, the brightness, color, sharpness of the picture. These all are very crucial. . Otherwise your money will go in vain.

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