How to Find CD and DVD Duplication Services

CDs and DVDs can prove to be especially useful to musicians and filmmakers. For example, having a CD or DVD copy of your work can add extra revenue while you are playing at concerts or attending a special filmmaker event.

Although it is easy to burn your work in the form of homemade CDs or DVDs, it does not give off the feeling of being professionally made. In addition, simply printing the artwork for your CD or DVD can often give you unprofessional results. By doing this, potential fans may view you as unprofessional and they may not take you seriously. CD and DVD duplication or replication services can be an affordable way for you to sell CDs or DVDs that look like they have been professionally packaged.

Visit Online Forums

A great way for you to find out about different CD and DVD duplication or replication services is for you to visit your favorite film or music forum. You can look at the opinions of other musicians or other filmmakers. It will help you learn more about the various CD and DVD duplication companies available.

You should ask the users of this forum about a company’s customer service, the duplication or replication prices and the quality of these duplication or replication services. This will help you find the company that can best suit your needs.

Ask Professional Studio Owners

If you are a musician, you can visit your favorite studio in order to learn more information about CD duplication and CD replication. You can ask different studio owners about the duplication or replication services that they frequently use. Chances are they will refer a high quality company since referring bad companies could ruin their business.

Make a List

Once you have done a little bit of research, you can make a list of the three more popular companies. Visit the website for each company in order to learn more about the company and the pricing of the company. A vast majority of companies will feature an online quote form on their website.

Use the online quote form if it is available. You may just need to fill out how many CDs you want and choose the different packaging options that the company offers. After filling out the information, you may be able to receive an instant quote. Remember to consider shipping costs. The shipping costs can be high if you wish to order a large amount of duplicated or replicated CDs and DVDs.

You may also need to choose between a duplicated or replicated CD and DVD. Duplicated is often the better choice because they can be ordered in small amounts. Duplication is the act of professionally burning copies of the master CD or DVD that you send them.

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