How a Good Printer Can Boost Your Election Campaign

printing jobIs your local election campaign dependent on awareness and getting visibility for your candidate? Too often, candidates can have some of the best ideas in the world, but if they don’t have public awareness, they lose their races anyways. Campaigning is as much about showing the electorate your candidate is a good as it is about marketing and advertising. And one of the best ways to increases awareness still remains traditional print media resources for campaigns, including lawn signs, banners, bumper sticks, posters, flyers and more.




Experienced to Handle Demand

Those printers with campaign experience will excel the most in production when it comes time to handle last minute destination visits, rallies, campaign events and voting day last-minute marketing pushes. They understand very well the need for on-time delivery of goods to be used immediately, allowing campaign marketers to strike when everyone’s local attention is focused on a given election. These skilled printers not only can manage short production runs and print jobs, they also have the infrastructure and equipment to delivery the inventory where it’s needed, even to multiple destinations. Because of the operating flexibility, such printers provide critical support for election staff on short notice.

Printers Can Handle the Technical Details

Campaigns are all about awareness and getting people to vote as much as possible. Most who’ve been through one understand they don’t need a 100 percent turnout. Instead, just a majority of votes is needed. Experienced campaign printers also have an understanding what products will work better than others as well, and provide both strategic as well as design services to campaign staff flying by the seat of their pants for a candidate. Such printers can be tapped for a wealth of experience in message design, layout, page design, and effective material choices as well. So campaign staff don’t have to do all the creative thinking themselves. Instead, they can focus on staying coordinated with their campaign direction versus worrying about inks or paper choices.

Leverage a Printer’s Understanding of Their Own Market

Many larger printers have no issue taking on a lead role and coordinating the delivery of smaller outfits. The same operation model used in the IT world via a prime integrator vendor managing the tasks of multiple smaller vendors can be applied in a large, regional campaign through one primary printer coordinating dozens of local outfits. This approach with the right, experienced office can handle all the technical coordination and management of production while the campaign staff manage their candidate, travel and messaging. It focuses everyone’s core talents on what they are really good at, and it avoids rookie mistakes of campaign staff trying to manage multiple small printers from town to town.

Campaigns on a Tight Budget

Most who’ve worked in the election business understand that elections, especially in tight races, can be costly. Not surprisingly, many election committees will find themselves with limited budgets to work with in an attempt to keep valuable funds available for the duration of the race. Printers who work with campaigns understand these limitations and can easily develop plans for campaign staff that work within changing financial parameters. Because a printer has a far better understanding of what various production runs can cost, along with delivery and placement, the small business provides a key expertise that campaign staff can depend on for managing their marketing budget. Good printers will come up with various options for scenarios as demand dictates, allowing election staff to choose from which order will best serve their need and stay within cost limits.

Reliable Documentation

Any campaign dealing with state or federal funding support at some point in the race falls under government rules and laws regarding appropriate spending. Experienced election printers understand these regulatory requirements and will make sure the funds associated with printing contracts are managed correctly. They regularly manage their paperwork and tracking to address any sort of audit questions as well as being able to fully explain where all funds went in the production process. Campaign staff don’t need the headache of having to explain what their printers did with funds paid, and good printers can manage this documentation challenge easily, following all the existing campaign rules that exist and apply to a given election race.


The above categories show how a printer integrated with an election campaign can provide valuable support in candidate marketing and advertising as well as technical strategy planning for the campaign. Good, experienced printers will understand already what is needed for their area and can guide campaign staff to the best order packages that meet their campaign budget as well as awareness needs. So the next time you’re getting ready to start up a new election campaign, even for a local race for city council, partner up with an experienced printer. It may be the best, most effect decision you can make in winning your election before it even gets started.

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