Fantastic Flyers: Tips for Your Band’s Promotional Flyers

printing flyersYour band is going to need flyers. You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the gig, but what’s really important is making sure you can get your audience in the door. That’s where promotional advertising comes in-and there is no more classic way to get your band’s name out there than to hang some flyers up around your local watering holes. Luckily, in the age of digital printing, making an eye catching flyer for your band’s new gig has never been easier-here are six things tips for making an ad that will be sure to draw attention.



Get the Right Flyer Size

If you really want people to notice your flyer, they are going to have to be able to see it. Flyers that are too small can go unnoticed altogether. On the other end of the spectrum, advertisements that are too large for the space they are in can overwhelm viewers with too much information. A great size for a band flyer is a full page, or 8.5”x11”, advertisement. Besides being convenient for digital printing as 8.5”x11” is the standard size for printer paper, it is that just-right eye catching size.

Pick the Right Colors and Fonts

Colors and fonts are extremely important when you want to catch peoples’ attention. Being careful to pick a font that is large and easy to read-avoiding script fonts or tiny lettering and picking high contrast colors-for instance white font on a black background, or red font on a white background-makes sure that when your poster catches someone’s eye they can get all the details they need to check out your show.

Select Your Images and Pictures Carefully

Deciding which images to use is an important part of making up a good advertisement. If you have a simple, clear band logo, placing that front and center will draw the attention of any fan. If your logo is small, or very detailed, it is better to place it under an image. Choose an image that represents your band’s style, the concept of your newest CD, or even put your faces on there and the people at the local hangout will all know it’s you they are going to see.

Know Your Audience

It’s all about your fans-what excites them, what motivates them, what they are interested in, and their sense of humor…things like that should drive the overall look of your flyer. If there is one thing you know about your fans it’s that they like you, so imagine your poster as the visual representation of your music. If your music is dark, pick colors and images that are in monochromatic colors. If your music is cheerful, be sure to get color copies to show off bright colors and sunny imagery. Showing off your band’s style on your flyer is a great way to please your current fans…and bring in new ones.

Make Sure to Include Your Information

This sounds like a given, but it’s easy to get caught up in the imagery and colors and forget all about the vital information. All flyers should include your band’s name, the name and address of the venue you are playing, and the time that your band will start. It’s also a good idea to try to include the names of the other bands you are playing with, as well as important gigs you have had in the past which audience members might recognize you from. Lastly, when there is room, include the name of your most recent CD so people can check you out even if they can’t come to your next gig.


Last, but certainly not least, is figuring out where you are going to put up your flyers. Remember your audience-where do they hang out? That’s where you want to put your flyers. Be certain to always ask permission from the owner or manager of an establishment before putting up a flyer inside of a place of business. Also make sure that they are in well lit areas, or areas that are designed to capture people’s attention like community message boards. Find a space where your flyer is around eye level, and tack it up.

Now you are ready to advertise your band! Be sure to ask your printing company if they have discounts for bulk printing projects. If you follow these tips you will find you have an eye catching flyer in a choice location ready to advertise help your fans-old and new-find you at your next gig.

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