DVD Covers Printing – Why People Buy the DVD’s Packaging First

cd cover printingDVD covers printing is serious. While a lot of businesses are primarily interested in what the DVD contained in the cover actually contains, in many cases this is a distant second place in the minds of the disc’s ultimate consumers. In far too many cases, what the consumer believes he or she wants is far different from his or her actual desire. The packaging is ultimately what sells the product, which makes the the DVD case an extremely important aspect of driving sales. However, not all DVD cases are printed equally.



A DVD in a blank case either looks like there is not a disc inside or like a bootleg video of some kind. In order to be taken seriously, the cover has to be well printed and contain certain elements that characterize a professionally created product. Among these are the coloration, a clear design and relative ease of production. Once the cover is reasonably well designed, the product inside can almost be an afterthought. Good marketing is the first step to creating both initial and repeat sales, and a well presented product at every stage is one of the key components of good marketing.

Much of the time, DVD cover printing takes precedence over the aesthetic qualities that make up the DVD in the case. When an Internet marketer or other education professional decides to get DVD cover prints made, much of this is for the vital purpose of advertising. Once the product has arrived at a customer’s home, opening the DVD case is generally the moment that will make or break whether the customer asks for a refund or considers the product a success.

Color Selection

A few important factors go into selecting the right colors for DVD case printing. Among these are using effectively color fast inks, coordinating the colors well and deciding how many will work from a psychological perspective. When an effective balance between these various factors is reached, the product inside the case is more likely to sell and the customer is less likely to return the product after purchasing it.

Color fast inks are a vital part of making sure the customer does not ultimately regret the decision to buy in the first place. If the inks fade in a few months, the entire product is going to look like it was cheaply produced. While this will not be likely to result in the customer returning the product, this will impact the marketer’s potential for any future sales to that customer. Fading colors mean fading chances of making additional sales, so color fast inks are crucial.

Beyond selecting inks that will not fade for a long time, the printer needs to coordinate the colors used effectively. With color psychology being such an important part of both making and reinforcing the sale to the ultimate customer, it is vital that every color work to make the product seem as pleasing to the eyes as it can possibly be. While clashing colors will look striking against one another, ultimately this can do more harm than good. Other than the title on the DVD cover, every color should blend well together. This extends from basics, such as whether the cover should be warm or cool color dominant, all the way to whether shades and pastels should be used in a gradient series.

Finally, the number of colors the DVD cover printer will use is an equally important decision to make. When one considers the use of shades and pastels, even a single main color can make a dramatic impact. As a general rule, less colors will have a more powerful impact on the customer looking at the DVD cover than will a larger number of colors. One color appears powerful, whereas numerous colors all appear weak and disorganized.


The level of subtlety present in a DVD cover printing can ultimately be boiled down to how carefully colors are played against similar colors. While sharp contrasts tend to draw the eye initially, they can also be overwhelming and appear childish. More mature DVD covers printed with subtle transitions between the colors are not only more likely to initially sell the product contained within. This kind of DVD cover is also more likely to be featured prominently alongside other DVDs, as opposed to simply removing the DVD from its cover and slotting it into a multiple DVD holder.

As a general rule, larger packaging conveys a more powerful branding message. When the brand is strong, there is lots of material around it. Because of this mental association most customers make between the amount of packaging that is present and the overall quality level and professionalism of the content that is presented inside it, repeat sales can often be seriously influenced by how well designed the DVD covers are. The fact that all of the DVD covers printed should have thematically similar styles is also an important point to touch upon.


Being consistent is a generally respectable trait, particularly among marketers and others who want to create any kind of a strong brand. Thus, similarity enough to create a branded image of one’s products can make the difference between a steady stream of sales to any given customer and only making the occasional one off sale. While the overall marketing message is an important one, DVD covers that are featured in this marketing must be well printed to represent the product to the best extent possible. As well, when the DVD arrives its cover needs to be equally well put together.

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