Digital Printing: Top Tips for the Best Results

digital printing servicesHave you ever gotten poor results from a digital printing company? This can be very frustrating, making the photographs that you took useless to you as a way to preserve your memories. There are a number of things that you can do to make sure that you get the best results, though, so it is wise to spend a little bit of time considering the ideas listed below before you send the photos off to be printed.

1. Take Photographs on a Cloudy Day
A cloudy day may not look as beautiful as a sunny day, but it is actually much better for photos. The sun creates all manner of shadows. These can cover people’s faces.


The sun can also wash out the whole shot. If possible, take your pictures on a bright and yet cloudy afternoon.

2. Edit Pictures Yourself
Before sending the pictures to a print shop, take the time to edit them. Some shops will do this for you, but most will not. They will just print whatever you provide. If you want to crop the edges, erase shadows, or do anything else to make the scene better, do it with editing software on your own computer.

3. Create the Largest Photos Possible
The larger you can make the finished product, the better. Clarity can be lost when a shop has to expand the picture to the size that you have requested. The clarity will not be impacted as drastically if the size is being reduced.

4. Save Multiple Versions
You never want to edit the actual file that you got from your digital camera. If you shrink the file down, save it, and then decide that you want it to be larger again, everything will get blurry. This is true even if the original size was still smaller than the increased size that you are trying to obtain. You should always keep the original and edit copies so that you can go back to the original at any time.

5. Avoid Inserting People or Other Items
One of the things that people are tempted to do when editing pictures with computer programs is to insert people who were not there. While this may look all right on the computer screen, it is not going to look very good at all after it is printed out and put on your wall. Unless you are a professional, avoid taking people out of a picture or adding them into it. You could end up ruining a very good shot so that it will never look perfect, no matter how well the company prints it in the end.

Utilize Each Trick and Tip
If you use the digital printing tips listed above, your shots will look much better than they have in the past. You still need to find a good company to do the work, but the first step is to give that company a good product at the beginning. Taking an hour to go over your pictures can make a huge difference, even if you just make small changes. It is worth spending this time to get a lasting product that you love.

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