Digital Printing in Los Angeles Still Reaches Many Local Customers

As more and more people use their laptops and hand held devices to search for products and services online, businesses have also become more reliant on the digital platform to market their brand. What these companies do not realize is that despite increased time spent online by their target market, people can never always be in front of their computers screens, and one of the best ways to reach them is still to do so in the real world with ads that they can see as they go about their day.

Small Bussinesses

An article published on the Business 2 Community website, which was published last December 16, 2013 and discusses the top ten issues small businesses will face next year, details how ignoring print marketing could be one of those problems:

Many small businesses have ignored print marketing based on a perception that digital marketing is cheaper. While it’s true that print marketing often requires a greater up-front investment, it’s no more expensive than a full-fledged digital marketing campaign. Moreover, print marketing – especially direct mail marketing – continues to yield higher returns and generate greater customer trust than digital marketing efforts. In 2014, consider a return to print marketing – especially if your competitors are ignoring it.

In populous areas, print marketing can prove exceptionally beneficial as the campaign can reach plenty of people. A strategically placed poster made via high quality digital printing in Los Angeles for example, can be seen by literally hundreds of people in just one day. These people may be in search of the products or services featured in the poster, but are not looking specifically for it online.

Research has also indicated that large physical print ads, as opposed to those that people come across when browsing online, have a tendency to be more memorable, and are better recalled by individuals looking for whatever may have been featured in print.

For business looking to increase the exposure of their brand and want to do so using large format printing in Los Angeles, they can consult with professional outfits such as They also specialize in custom digital printing of a variety of marketing and personal products, including, flyers, posters, cups, brochures, and more.

(Article Information and Image from “Top 10 Issues Small Businesses Will Face in 2014”, Business 2 Community, December 16, 2013)

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