Digital Printing Lessons Every Business Can Learn from Movie Posters

The film industry is perhaps among the biggest users of posters when marketing their movies to their audience. Aside from crafting the perfect trailer to get people excited about a film, the visual collaterals, including the posters, have to be meticulously designed to have an impact. Thus, Los Angeles businesses that are aiming for greater exposure can learn a new lesson or two about designing the perfect layout for digital printing.

Movie Poster Space

Elements of a Perfect Movie Poster 

Every poster, be it for potential blockbusters or small independent films, is designed to follow the basic marketing principles and other crucial elements. First and foremost, these aim to grab the attention of passers-by and encourage them to have a second look. Most posters tend to rely on flashy graphics and provocative pictures to grab attention, but subtle images and designs can also do the trick, especially if these impart an aura of intrigue and mystery that would have people craving for more.

What makes some movie posters extraordinarily effective, however, is their ability to convey the movie’s main themes without explicitly giving the plot away. These posters use imagery, be it a simple graphic or a close-up shot of a main character, to establish the movie’s plot and generate interest among passers-by almost immediately. Furthermore, these posters utilize a consistent yet unique artistic style that reflects the movie’s own style.

Sequels, on the other hand, tend to mimic, or at least related, to the poster style of the first movie. Typically, these posters will use a giant title placed in the top third of the image while integrating recognizable imagery throughout it.

Attention, recognizable imagery, and style consistency are just among the elements of movie posters that businesses can also integrate into their own posters.

Lessons from Poster Mishaps 

Not all movie posters, however, bode well among people. For instance, the Italian movie poster for the award-winning film 12 Years a Slave prominently featured Brad Pitt (who played a supporting role), while main star Chiwetel Ejiofor was delegated to a small spot at the corner. Marketing your business should be consistent with your products, and eye-catching yet irrelevant features should be removed altogether.

In the U.K., meanwhile, the distributor of the comedy The Heat showed an airbrushed, slimmed-down, and heavily-Photoshopped image of lead star Melissa McCarthy. While McCarthy may have laughed it off, businesses should know better than making their products appear unrecognizable on posters.

Keep these lessons in mind when designing the perfect poster for your business, which can be made more presentable when you have it printed by a large format printing company in Los Angeles like Master Copy & Printing.

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