Digital Printing in Los Angeles is Evolving to Meet Changing Times

An article published by Print Week on October 14, 2013, details how Markus Dohle, CEO of Penguin Random House, believes that print will remain relevant in the coming decades despite the rise of digital mediums such as the Internet:

Dohle said: “Our basic strategic assumption is that print will always be important, always—not in 50 years or 100 years—always. And our digital business is of course [growing].


“That is a very simple, but very important assumption. We are basically saying that even 100 years from now, the print business will be a big chunk of our business. It may be 70% percent. Today it’s 80% print and 20% digital.

“The buzz here at the fair is 95% digital and 5% print. But I think there is a clear misunderstanding. 80% is actually print today, and in our two biggest markets, North America and the U.K. the growth rates of digital are sort of flattening out a bit.”

Outside the publishing industry, high quality digital printing solutions are being utilized to produce content as varied as booklets, magazines, brochures, and catalogs; as well as posters, banners, and wall graphics. As printing remains a legitimate and viable means of spreading information, companies that provide high quality digital printing in Los Angeles, like Master Copy & Printing, can be relied upon to provide affordable printed materials.

In order to effectively saturate their target markets, many experts suggest that businesses combine both print and digital media in their marketing strategies. Far from being dead, print media has instead radically changed to meet the demands of evolving times. While the elderly and baby boomers may prefer the tangibility of magazines and catalogs, younger generations are just as comfortable reading information on tablets and smartphones as they are on paper.

Choosing printed over virtual solutions offers additional advantages. Printed materials are tangible, and brochures, magazines, and flyers can stay in offices and homes for many years, whereas Internet ads will eventually disappear into cyber space. Moreover, many people still regard printed ads, banners, and posters as being more legitimate than pop ups and banner ads, as virtual ads still carry the threat of viruses and spam.

Companies that offer large format printing in Los Angeles—whether it’s large posters, vinyl banners, wall graphics, or window clings—provide their clients with vibrant and eye catching printing solutions that will engage target markets.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Frankfurt Book Fair: ‘Print will always be important’; Print Week; 14 October 2013)

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