Digital Printing: 8 Tips for Canvas Printing

With digital printing services, you can upload pictures and then have them printed in various formats. This type of printing has made it feasible for anyone to have just a few photos made into 8×10 prints, canvas prints, or a variety of other formats. The uploading process is fairly easy, but it does put some pressure on you because you are expected to format everything correctly before you send it in. Editors will not necessarily check your work, so here are a few tips that can help you out.


1. Learn About Canvas Printing First
Before you even begin using online printing services, you might want to investigate canvas printing to find out what it is all about. You should fully understand the materials that are used, the typical end results, and why this format will be selected over another. Only by knowing what you are working with can you be certain that all of your decisions will address the specific details of this type of photo.

2. Double Check Your Work
When doing the formatting for the online printing company, you always want to double check everything that you have done. It may look great at a first glance, but you need to slow down and really look at the little details before it is too late. In fact, it may be a good idea to take a few minutes to do something else, pulling your mind away from the project and the printing services, and then come back for a fresh look at the photo.

3. Look at the Proofs

Some digital printing companies will send you proofs before they run the whole batch of prints. If you are having dozens or even hundreds of items printed, do not neglect these proofs. Do not just look at them for a second and assume they look great. There could be small errors, such as spelling mistakes, that are hard to see. You can be sure that you will see them after the canvas printing company ships you one hundred items with the same mistake, though.

4. Remember that Canvas Adds a Filter
Essentially, having the digital printing done on a canvas adds one last filter to the project. It makes the photo slightly more like a painting, with each point of color standing out. Some people would even say that the photo will look “blurry” when it is done, though this is not quite correct. However, it will not be as sharp and distinct as it was on photo paper. Take this into account when deciding which picture you would like to use.

5. Use Large Photos
Considering the way that canvas printing impacts image clarity, you do not want to use a small photo that has to be blown up to the right size. Instead, try to find a large picture that the online printing company can use. Small pictures that have been expanded will lose even more clarity, and the overall effect may be rather jarring, whereas large photos that are shrunk to the right size tend to gain clarity. The larger the file that you upload, the better off you will be.

6. Measure the Space
After you upload the photo, you will have the option to select the size of print that you want. Before doing so, you need to measure the space in your home to see what you think will look the very best. Do not just assume that the largest or smallest size will work. Ideally, you should hold up a similarly-sized frame to get a feel for the end result. However, you can just use a tape measure if you do not already have a frame.

7. Consider Framing Options
Speaking of frames, the digital printing business is probably going to let you choose if you want the canvas to be framed or not. If not, remember that the canvas will be folded back over an interior wood frame and stapled in place. It already has this three-dimensional effect, which is part of why it seems like a painting and not a picture. If you want to hide the folds or make it stand out even more, choose a frame to go with it.

8. Examine the Preview
If you are not going to be getting a proof, you at least need to look at the preview on the website. Some pictures will be cropped when transferred to canvas since about an inch of canvas on all sides will be stretched back over the frame. Make sure that nothing important – such as the top of someone’s head – is being cropped out.

If you use all of these tips, you can really create some beautiful artwork with digital printing through online companies. Those who are using this style of printing for the first time may have to play around with the options and layouts for a bit. Everything is adjustable, so make sure that you make the correct calibrations.

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