Creating Beautiful Designs For Letterhead Printing and Stationary Printing

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Letterhead printing and stationary printing are two industries which remain huge despite the advent of email as a primary method of communications. Both businesses and individuals rely on personalized and well designed letterheads and stationary to create a more personal and intimate communication between themselves and both clients and loved ones. Most print companies offer the services of letterhead printing and stationary printing, but many do not offer a wide variety of options for the customer to choose from. With that said, it can be very easy to make a home business out of creating customizable files that businesses or individuals can use to print their very own personalized letterheads and stationary.



In order to create something like this, a background in art or graphic design is helpful, as it will require the use of a graphic design program like Photoshop. Experience with Adobe Acrobat is also helpful, as most of the files you create will be in PDF form. Although it may sound daunting, if you know how to create nice graphics and merge them into a PDF while leaving room for customization, you are ready to start creating your own letterheads and stationary for sale.

How to Create Letterheads and Stationary

To begin, you need to create a basic example file. A letterhead is a very simple thing to create, as it relies mainly on fonts. Choose fonts that are classy and elegant but easy to read and create letterhead examples which include the name of a person or business, an address, an email address and a telephone number. Some businesses or individuals may request that when you customize the files, you revise certain fields, but this is easy to do. Simply convert these files into PDFs using Adobe Acrobat and save them.

Making stationary is a bit more complicated. This is where a graphic design background helps. When creating designs for the top or border of a page, try and stick with colors and themes that work well together. It is best to create some stationary that is feminine, some that is masculine and some that is unisex. Use a variety of different color themes and offer the option of personalization via an initial, name, family name or other designation. When you have finished, you must once again convert these files to PDF format.

Selling Your Work

There are many sites on the Internet where you can sell a file of a customizable product for an individual to print. Showing screenshots and example files that you have created, explain to customers that you will customize the file with their information and send it to them. When a customer puts in a request, create two versions of the file. One should have a watermark, and the other should not. If the customer approves the watermarked version and pays you, then you give them the full version of the file. It is not necessary to charge very much for files like this, as they will sell in large quantities without much further work being needed on your part.

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