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Los Angeles Printing: How to Launch a Successful Print Ad Campaign

With the number of hours that people spend online, you’d think that print advertising is an obsolete medium that no one really pays attention to. You’d be wrong, however, to think print ads have gone the way of manual typewriters. In a recent article, Adweek contributor Tim Nudd presented 17 of the most awe-inspiring and creative print ad campaigns for 2013-2014. Below are three of the most notable.
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Los Angeles Digital Printing Services Bring Poster Designs to Life

Posters dot the modern landscape and are a great way for businesses to reach a much wider and public audience. Before you have a Los Angeles digital printing service publish your creation, consider carefully how to arrange the design elements to convey your message. Read more

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Los Angeles Printing Services for Trendier, Lasting Business Cards

Business cards may seem an anachronism in this age of digital connections. It may surprise some people that Los Angeles printing services still provide business card printing options; aren’t LinkedIn profiles enough and easier to manage? The fact is, the humble business card still has its uses. Diane Gottsman, in an article for the Huffington Post, hails the staying power of the card: Read more

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Los Angeles Digital Printing: Right Balance of Design and Print Output

You may be the master of Photoshop, but making your design the stuff of legends isn’t enough. Ask yourself: “Will it look the same when printed?” Read more

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Los Angeles Printing and the Photo Book Revolution in the Digital Age

Photo books don’t need that many words to get their message across. Pictures, by themselves, have enough power to shape public opinion and convey what cannot be said. You can read about a country’s culture and history, but seeing them in black-and-white or colored photos gives you an even deeper perspective. Read more

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Advertising by Printing in Los Angeles can Help Businesses Prosper

There are a lot of avenues available for different companies and industries to advertise and make their products and or services known to the general public. Despite the prominence and prevalence of digital mediums such as the television and the internet, it is important to remember that print media should not be put out of the picture.

A Bleeding Cool article published February 15, 2014 documents how traditional mediums have made an effect on the fortunes of a comic book serial. Joe Mulvey, a freelance illustrator from New York City, has produced a comic about super-powered human beings who scheme of swiping Las Vegas clean of all its money. Read more

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