Carefully Designed Business Cards are a Business’ Best Friend

business card designsDrawing in customers and turning shoppers into buyers is always an ongoing challenge for existing as well as new businesses, but business card printing is a clever way to advertise your company. No matter what stage your business is in, it’s always convenient to be able to pass these little cards out. Whether it’s a large corporation, a mid-size operation or a start up, thoughtful business card printing is a must-have tool to survive in the competitive marketplace.




Some Advantages of Business Cards
When running a business there are always numerous details to remember, and business card printing should be on the top of the list. These cards may jog the memory of potential customers long after they leave your store. It may seem overly simple but they could mean the difference between a customer shopping at another store or coming back to yours.

Business card printing is also good for networking at local chamber of commerce and other business-related events. Mingling with other business owners and entrepreneurs is a good way to establish connections, and exchanging cards has become as commonplace as saying “hello.” Regular appearances at chamber-sponsored social events are also a valuable way to reach out to the public.

Business card printing in advance ensures you don’t run out when the crowds drift over to your table or exhibit. It costs very little to print up a box of several hundred cards, so a small business operating on a shoestring budget can swing the expense. Even individual freelancers seem more polished and professional when they are able to produce one of their own cards upon request.

Printing Tips
To begin with, using good quality paper is the first thing to remember with business card printing. The best ones are printed on 67-pound card stock. The majority of cards have a white background but other colors can be used as long as they don’t obscure the words. A high contrast between the words and the background makes them easier to read.

If you’re a novice there is always the option of taking your business card printing ideas to a print shop. A professional is always helpful with the technical details, printers and template sizes. By getting expert advice there is less chance of a glitch spoiling the look of your beautifully designed cards.

If you want more creative control on your business card printing you can use special software such as Microsoft Publisher or the more advanced Adobe InDesign CS or Quark Xpress. Microsoft Publisher has a number of templates to help with layout and printing the cards. In a few keystrokes you can type in your text, place your logo where you want and hit the print button.

During the business card printing process you can use a template, but sometimes that can get restrictive. If you’re a creative soul who likes something different and eye-catching you can design your own layout. Some unique cards printed by business owners who thought outside the box include:

• A card for a dentist’s practice in the shape of a tooth
• A card resembling a colorful T-shirt for a T-shirt shop
• Bottle-shaped business cards for a professional wine steward
• Cards resembling bandages for a professional nurse
• A card shaped like a foot for a sports podiatrist
• Business cards designed like a delivery truck to advertise a carpet warehouse
• A perforated card that splits in half down the middle, for a divorce lawyer

As long as you follow the basics of design when printing up your own business cards, the only limits are your own creativity. With the overwhelming number of cards businesses routinely hand out, something startlingly different can create excitement and interest and make you stand out.

Special Techniques
Business card printing isn’t about making all the cards look alike. Some business owners use thermography, which makes the letters look like they are raised up from the page. Thermography techniques are used with an offset printing press and they involve printing the cards and then dusting the ink with a powder while it’s still wet. The powder is then melted, giving the card a glossy textured look to it.

Some people who do their own business card printing add a photograph of themselves or their product to the card. Others use a photograph as a background with the business information printed over it. The main thing to remember when doing this is to keep the background photo simple so it doesn’t clash with the printed words or draw the eye away from them. Done correctly it enhances the look of the business card.

There are various business card printing styles, even those that include print on the back of the card. Whether or not to add copy to the back is entirely up to the preference of the business owner. Some think it makes the card look better but others feel it makes it look cluttered. A good rule of thumb is not to squeeze in sentences but remember to put the business email address and website.

The Power of Color
As stated before, most business card printing is done on a white background but other colors can be used. White is the safest color, but business owners who know the psychology of color can use it to their advantage. Different colors send out different subliminal messages. For example:

• On white cards, the more colors you use and the lighter they are will make your business image seem less serious.
• Cards with a black background can seem either elegant and sophisticated or mysterious and intimidating. This color is powerful and serious.
• Printing blue business cards suggests trustworthiness and honesty. The darker the shade the more professional and serious you’ll seem.
• The message behind green cards is tranquility, balance and wealth. The color green is linked to nature. Wealthy business lean towards a darker shade.

Business card printing doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do it. They may be small but as the saying goes, good things come in small packages. For business owners, a carefully designed business card opens up worlds up opportunity.

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