Business Cards – 3 Tips for Success

business cardsCould a business card be the difference between success and failure in business? It might sound strange, but there are some cases in which it can be. The fact of the matter is, it is the little things that make all the difference.

Small things such as the quality of your business card have a subtle influence on the reasoning of clients and business contacts. A low quality business card can subtly shift a client’s reasoning in a way that they aren’t even fully aware of. They will have the overall impression that you business as a whole is low in quality, even if they aren’t entirely sure why.

With that in mind, here are some tips in order to make sure that you have the most effective business card possible.

1. Make an Impact

The first thing that a business card should do is impress a client. It’s not that it should be so impressive that the client will actually comment on how nice it is. It should simply be pleasant and professional to look at in a way that grabs attention without becoming distracting or irritating. This can be accomplished with color, images, designs, and even the quality of the paper itself.

2. Brand Yourself

If you don’t have a company logo, allow a professional to design one, even if you are self-employed with no employees. A logo gives a client a visual symbol to attach to your business, something that makes you stand out from everybody else.

The logo should match the personality of your business. It can be intricate and detailed if you want to appear authoritative, or it can be chic and minimalist if you are going after the millennial generation.

If nothing else, just make sure that the logo is on your card.

3. Quality Counts

Don’t settle for printing the cards in your printer at home. The quality of the paper, ink, and printing technique is vital to your success. Home printers, ink, and paper simply don’t have the appearance and texture of professionally printed business cards. A matte finish works for most cards, although a glossy finish can give your business a more sleek appearance if it is used with the right colors.

You should carefully consider all options when designing a business card. Just because a feature is available, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is best suited for your business.

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