Business Card Printing – The Beauty of the Wallet-size Pitch

BUSINESS CARD BLANKServices for Business card printing are plentiful across the length and breadth of the internet. Competing companies are offering amazing quality print options to vie for the attention of customers in search of the perfect, professional looking card.

One of the enduring myths of the business card has been that it’s only carried by the three-piece suit professional, snatched out of a designer wallet by a lawyer or top executive. Well, that’s not quite true as any professional needs to carry a memorable business card, letting them quickly pass on their details.


In one crucial moment, information regarding simple contact details or company product and location can be passed out.

The concept of networking isn’t new and isn’t confined to boardrooms and meetings. A quiet conversation with a potential contact stands the chance of ending well when a quality business card is at hand. A favorable impression has been created and a new contact leaves with all of your details in their pocket.

The options for the perfect high quality designs in business card printing are dizzying and include everything from regular business cards carrying minimal contact details, to heavy personalized cards with elaborate designs. The cards can be printed single-side, in black and white or double-sided in full color. There are few limitations, besides imagination.

One of the first considerations in creating viable and stylish business cards is a practical one, the paper. The paper stock used is going to heavily impact the way the cards look and be a determining factor in how the cards are received. A glossy UV coating to the paper can be protective to the design from skin oils as well as giving the card an extra, distinctive look.

Imagine the subliminal effect of differing surface patterns to the paper. It could have a linen appearance or a woven effect. The paper may be a pale pastel or a brilliant white. Who’s to say how much the simple choice of color, feel and pattern affects the chance of your client remembering your business card and contacting you in following days.

Possibly the most important option to consider when consulting the graphics designer who will work on your business card, is the font or typeface that is going to be used. This type, everything from its size, style and color, is going to add to the definition of your professional identity when it is read.

There is every possibility in the heavily competitive area of business card printing, that color and type won’t be enough. Printers and designers are striving to come up with more design options that offer greater punch and layout styles which will increase the chance of the business card being viewed favorably and make that connection with the client.

Layout and extra graphic punch are tools that will be presented to the client to make that card stand out from the crowd. And this is where it can get exciting. Imagine putting a photograph of yourself in your most professional attire on your card. Or putting a mini-resume on it with links to all of your social websites.

It may seem like overkill to put a photograph on a business card but what’s going to be more memorable to a business contact? The twenty cards with full-color, professional typeface or the one or two cards with all of those professional printed colors, fonts plus a photograph?

There are pros and cons to veering from the traditional sized rectangle of the normal card and, instead using a different shape. This could certainly be considered flair, unique and memorable. The downsides though may include annoyed clients who have a sleeve that can only hold traditionally shaped cards. Thus, a negative impression could be created.

Arguably, even more essential than typeface or paper stock is the use of a logo. Large or small, depicting a company or school. A logo could draw the eye of anyone looking through a pocketful of business cards. When that logo is a corporate identity or professional summation of business presence, think how good it looks when presented in embossed gold or metallic foil.

Much has been covered here yet there’s a great deal still untouched. The business card is as much a piece of marketing as your website and deserves every effort put into design and implementation whether that be by use of premium bonded paper stock or unique shapes that will grab the eye of that potential contact. New techniques are being created all the time, lending unique impact to business cards.

Die cut cards with curved corners and unique shapes are vying for attention with intricate photo-realistic designs. Specialized webpages are available from printing firms that allow the use of templates, upload of your own logo and a multitude of other choices for highly competitive prices.

Business card printing is a premiere solution for networking. And, in the end, networking is about being remembered by a person of interest and striving to continue that relationship. Be informed and research the very best in business cards you can afford. Don’t lose clients to poorly designed cards.

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