Digital Printing in Los Angeles: How to Produce Posters that Stand Out

As much as it is important for business owners to get to know their customers, the same attention should also be given in learning the essential principles of poster-making for marketing.

Recognized brands like Apple, McDonald’s, and Disney has successfully grasped the psychology behind the use of images in developing their marketing strategies, thereby earning them both fame and fortune in their respective industries. The science and art of digital printing, essentially, serves as the channel for businesses to connect their products and services to consumers.  Read more

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Printing Traditional Business Cards: How Much Do You Really Need?

How Magazine contributor and freelance creative professional Jeremy Flagg is no stranger to business cards. His line of work requires the use of business cards so he can complement his brand, though he endeavors to stay within the bounds of being “Green.” He once ordered 1,000 pieces of business cards, expecting them to last him at least a year or two, only to realize that much of his business cards will apparently be turned to waste. Read more

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Los Angeles Digital Printing Ideas: How to Make Your Poster Stand Out

Nothing says summer like night after night of concerts, comedy gigs, and other events. Putting up posters is a great way to catch people’s attention and make them want to go see your show. The only problem is that your competitors are doing exactly the same thing. What you need to do is to make your poster stand out among the rest. Here are some Los Angeles digital printing ideas to help you design an awesome poster. Read more

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Using Calendars to Market Your Brand with Quality Los Angeles Printing

What’s a great tool to keep your brand in front of people all year round? A calendar. Calendars are very effective marketing collaterals you can hand out to employees, customers, and business partners. Company calendars are considered a highly practical form of advertisement; aside from their longevity—“they don’t usually end up in drawers or waste baskets,” as Biz Filings would put it. And with the best Los Angeles printing services, people will be more than happy to have something useful to keep on their desk or walls. Moreover, this guarantees the company a full year of brand exposure. Here are three helpful tips in creating your business calendar: Read more

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Large Format Digital Printing in Los Angeles Expands Business Reach

When business owners in Los Angeles think of marketing, “bigger” is always top of mind. They aim for a bigger audience using bigger promotional materials. What can help achieve such a big goal better than huge banners and posters? Thanks to Los Angeles digital printing companies like Master Copy Print, large format printing has become a service within reach of companies in need of better marketing strategies.

Large Format Digital Printing in Los Angeles Expands Business Reach

What is large format digital printing?

Almost all types of promotional materials today, from flyers to brochures, are digitally printed. Very few are handcrafted for the simple reason that digital printing produces large volumes of high-quality prints in a short period. Large format printing, on the other hand, takes digital printing to another level. It involves printing to a size as large as 82 feet and may not involve paper.

The purpose of large format digital printing is simply to produce advertisements that are intended to be seen by many people. Billboards, banners, and large posters are the most common examples. Window graphics and floor adhesives can also be produced through digital printing. There are even automobiles seen with digitally printed coating containing business information.

Types of Printing Materials

While banners which are large enough to be classed as small format but not small enough to be categorized as large format can still be printed on a paper-based surface, large format printing is usually done on vinyl and canvas. Both are particularly durable and with high resistance against the elements. Most advertisers prefer them to other materials because they can withstand extended use. Billboards, which are meant to be displayed outdoors for an extended period, are therefore ideally made using vinyl.

The printer used in large format digital printing functions similarly as typical digital printers, except that it has a larger feed and multiple nozzles. The ink used is different, too, given the kind of printing surface utilized. UV ink is typically used since it produces longer-lasting print that can withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, typical ink may not go well with vinyl or canvas surfaces.

Importance to Your Business

If you are planning to do large format printing to improve your promotional strategies, make sure that the Los Angeles large format printing company you would choose uses top-of-the-line printers and materials. With high-quality banners and posters, you can surely capture the attention of a bigger audience.


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How Vital Expert Printing in Los Angeles Is for Competitive Businesses

Every successful business owner in Los Angeles knows the importance of making a good impression to clients. Not only does a good impression trigger long partnerships but it also builds a solid reputation that could establish a top brand. One of the many ways to impress clients is to maintain the use of high-quality promotional materials. Whether it is a brochure or a flyer you want to give your clients, it has to be printed using materials and equipment of the best quality.

How Vital Expert Printing in Los Angeles Is for Competitive Businesses

Concise and Readable

You can make many types of promotional materials for your business, with brochures, flyers, and posters as the most common. In designing any of these materials, you have to pick phrases and graphics that would help convey your message easily and clearly. Use a readable font style and don’t overcrowd your material with content. Sufficient spacing between elements is crucial.

If you want all these design strategies to work, meanwhile, high-quality Los Angeles printing services are necessary. No matter how creatively laid out your content is, if it’s poorly printed, there’s no way it will impress your clients. Chances are they might consider checking out the materials of your competitors. More often than not, the bad impression you create with your promotional material could last, even if it’s a one-time thing and you’ve made improvements later on. So it’s better to invest in high-quality printing from the start.

Paper Quality and Coating

You can only bring out the best in a promotional material design if it’s printed on a high-quality paper like the one used by Los Angeles printing companies such as Master Copy Print. There are two types of paper you can use, coated and uncoated. Either type is good but the former produces a more professional and lasting print. An uncoated paper is absorbent and tends to be porous, but these characteristics are also perfect if you want your materials to look elegant or classic.

A coated paper, on the other hand, is usually glossy and smooth. Its smoothness makes it more resistant to dirt, moisture, and wear than uncoated paper. It offers a professional look that works best for magazines, booklets, and glossy posters. The only disadvantage of this type of paper is that the smoothness restricts the amount of ink that can be printed and bled on its surface.

The Printing Company

It’s definitely not easy to choose a printing company that you can partner with in producing your promotional materials. You can judge by the kind of machinery they use, the ease of process and delivery, and their dedication to quality. Remember that the success of your marketing scheme (and therefore your business) greatly depends on their workmanship.


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