5 Things a Printing Company Can Provide for a Business

printing servicesOne thing that must be done as part of running any business is printing a lot of documents and materials. This can be a lot of work. For that reason, outsourcing many of these printing jobs to a professional printing company is probably a wise idea. Below is a list of just some of the things such a company can print for a small business.




1. Stationary Printing

Making employees feel at home is an important part of running any successful business. Due to fierce competition in the job market, retaining valuable employees is increasingly a challenge. The small things matter in this regard as well. Having stationary printed with the company’s name on it can help make employees feel they are at a professional company that takes their work very seriously.

2. Wall Graphic Printing

Another thing that can be purchased from a professional printing company is wall graphics. Wall graphic printing has several strong advantages over other options for decorating the walls of an establishment. Such graphics come in the form of adhesive material that can be easily installed and than later removed. Such graphics can also be printed with far more complicated designs than what is possible with painting that is done by hand.

3. Brochure Printing

Successfully advertising a business is one of the toughest things entrepreneurs contend with on a regular basis. Many options are simply just too expensive. However, there is one very cheap and effective alternative. It is ordering professional looking brochures from a local printing company. These brochures can then be placed in the brochure racks of other local businesses as well as the local visitor’s center.

4. CD Cover Printing and CD Inlay Printing

Companies may at times need to produce CDs. This is certainly the case for professional musicians and record labels. However, other businesses can get some use out of audio CDs as well. For example, there is a large market for audio books and self-help CDs. Whatever the case, producing CDs requires a lot of printing. This includes things like CD covers and the CD inlays that are placed within CD cases. Thankfully, many companies that do print these things can handle a company’s CD duplication or burning as well.

5. Poster Printing

Another thing many businesses need is a lot of posters. This includes posters purely for advertising a company’s products or services that should be placed where likely customers frequent. However, every time a business introduces a new promotion, sale or product, new posters need to be produced. This can eat up a lot time and manpower that would be better spent on other projects. One way to avoid this is by outsourcing the design and printing of those posters to an outside company.

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3 Responses to 5 Things a Printing Company Can Provide for a Business

  1. Kenya says:

    Even though my company is very small, barely 10 workers in its entirety, I like to print my company logo on stationery and issue them free to prospective clients. Most of them thought we are some huge and veteran company until they read the company details lol. But they were enticed by the free stationery and the logo left a memorable impression on them. It was the main reason why they continued to patronize us.

  2. Divers says:

    I was looking for an option to print brochures to promote my own small business. I calculated the costs of printing and the materials to do it by myself; it was very expensive and time consuming too, and I’ve held back the idea for quite a while now. I think I’ll look into the idea of outsourcing to a professional printing company next.

  3. Fernando says:

    My company tends to do a lot of promotion as it is fairly new, and we need to print new posters on a frequent basis. It really took up a lot of time from the marketing team, and didn’t even have any time to focus on the marketing plans itself, so we decided to outsource it.

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