5 Printing Needs that Can be Outsourced

Being a small business owner is tough. Due to the amount of things an entrepreneur must accomplish, outsourcing when necessary can be a lot of help. It can allow that business owner to work on things more connected to the company’s products or services. One thing most businesses should consider is outsourcing major printing needs. Below is a short list of such printing needs that can be outsourced.

1. Wall Graphic Printing

Decorating a room can be quite a bit of work. One thing that is certainly needed to liven up many establishments such as restaurants, stores, gyms and so forth is wall art. However, painting wall art can be both expensive and time consuming. One great solution is to purchase pre-created graphic wall art instead. Many such pieces of art can be added to a wall using adhesive. This makes installation and removal extremely easy.


2. Flyer Printing

Advertising a small business can also be quite tough. With radio, TV and newspaper advertising being so expensive, cheaper alternatives must be found. One such option is flyer printing. However, producing flyers in house can take up the time of a company’s employees. They can also look unprofessional and off-putting to potential customers. This is why flyer printing should be outsourced to a printing company that can do a professional looking job while saving a company valuable time and resources.

3. Postcard Printing

Customized merchandise can also be produced in large quantities by professional printing companies. One of the most popular choices is the production of a business’s own postcards. Postcards are a great option that can be sold at amusement attractions, local museums, gift shops and so forth. They’re very inexpensive to create and order. They also provide free advertisement whenever a postcard is mailed to someone else.

4. Envelope Printing

Another obvious choice for outsourcing is envelope printing. Writing out the home address on an envelope takes time. Even worse, such hand writing on an envelope can come off as unprofessional when sent to important partners or clients. One great choice is to purchase professionally printed envelopes in bulk to solve both these problems.

5. Gift Certificate Printing

Developing new revenue streams is something most small businesses should be concerned with. One option that is now used by a majority of stores is gift certificates. Gift certificates are great because only a small number of them are actually ever used to make purchases. This means the business receives revenue for basically nothing in return.

However, unprofessionally created gift certificates are also easily duplicated by thieves. This is why they should only be purchased from a professional printing company. A person will not be able to easily recreate such a gift certificate at home.

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3 Responses to 5 Printing Needs that Can be Outsourced

  1. Rodney Angus says:

    I’ve received flyers that look like they are printed from home, designed by a third grader. These are the kind that I’ll just toss away almost at instant that I receive it because it just doesn’t capture my interest. I think it’s really important that companies don’t scrimp on this when it comes to printing, as it directly determines the first impression of your prospects.

  2. Victor Maroney says:

    Our logistics team was suggesting to the company to buy a professional painting to hang on the wall of our aisle so it doesn’t look so empty, and give a more sophisticated impression. But the idea got rejected as it was too costly, and we went for a wall graphic poster instead as it was much cheaper, and could highlight our company’s strengths at the same time. It’s definitely a more practical choice.

  3. Harriett Bratt says:

    We used to have the administration side manually write our clients’ addresses on all of the envelopes, but it took up too much time and couldn’t get any other work done. The company sends mails on a weekly basis, and there was a very huge list on the customer base, so they hired a company to print all the addresses on the envelope in the end.

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