4 Things a Business Should Outsource to a Printing Company

choosing a printing companyWhile some small business owners think they can do everything properly on their own, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, some things need to be outsourced. Outsourcing allows employees to focus on things more directly related to a company’s products or services. It’s also true that sometimes other firms can simply do the job better.



One example when this is certainly the case is with the multitude of things a company may need to have printed. Below are some common examples of things many companies would benefit from having printed by a printing company.

1. Gift Certificate Printing

One of the best sources of easy income is offering gift certificates. The dirty little secret is that only a portion of them are ever redeemed. The ability to take money for what may end up being literally nothing in exchange is something most companies are obviously interested in.

However, gift certificates made in-house can come off as bit tacky. Even worse, cheaply printed gift certificates can be easily replicated. That of course can lead to people ripping off your establishment. One easy solution is to have high quality gift certificates printed in bulk in high quality. It will be much harder for would-be thieves to copy and print them in that same quality.

2. Menu Printing

One mistake many new restaurants make is not obtaining professional looking menus. While obviously food and décor is probably more important, every detail counts in the very harsh restaurant industry. A professionally printed menu that doesn’t look like it was printed in the back office can go a long way in helping make guest feel like they’re visiting a quality restaurant.

3. Business Card Printing

Business cards are another thing that most businesses and professionals should invest in. Some people may assume that business cards are a bit passé in this digital age. However, in actuality, this is not necessarily the case.

Business cards indicate that a person takes his or her business and business relationships very seriously. This can help reassure potential clients and partners that you can be trusted. This is why having a decent supply of professionally printed business cards is very important.

4. Letterhead Printing

Many companies should also consider investing in letterhead printing. The reasoning is similar to that of business card printing. It gives others the sense that they are dealing with a professional company.

Seeing letterhead on mail sent to clients or business partners may seem like a small detail. However, this helps reinforce the confidence of those individuals in the fact they are working with a serious company. This can make those parties much more likely to continue doing business with that company well into the future.

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