10 Business Printing Needs that Can Be Outsourced to a Printing Company

outsourcing to a printing companyOne thing that almost every business needs is printing. Doing all of a company’s printing in-house can eat up money, time and manpower that could be better spent on things more directly related to that company’s core services or products.

For this reason, printing is one of the most commonly outsourced business needs for both small and large companies. Below is a short list of things that many companies outsource to printing companies.



1. Door Hangers Printing

One thing that any business that rents out rooms needs is door hangers printing. This is the case for motels, hotels, lodges, cabins and other guest accommodations that have rooms that must be cleaned and laundry that must be washed. It alerts the staff of when and when not to enter the room. However, hangers can also be of great use to dormitories, apartments, assisted living homes and other establishments that also provide housing with cleaning and laundry services.

2. CD Cover Printing and CD Inlay Printing

Another thing that requires a lot of printing is compact discs. This includes the covers for CDs that will be added to the discs as stickers. It also includes CD inlays that are placed inside the jewel cases for CDs. CD cover printing and CD inlay printing will certainly be needed by any band, professional musician or record label. CDs are also great materials to be given out at meetings, conferences and conventions. Whatever the case, all CD related printing can be outsourced to a printing company for rather cheap.

3. Brochure Printing

Printing companies can also help solve some of a business’s advertising problems. Brochure printing is in fact one of the cheapest and most effective forms of advertising there is. It is especially successful for tourist attractions, hotels, motels, restaurants and specialty stores. What’s also great is that many businesses allow flyers and brochures from other local businesses to be placed in racks near their entrances. This allows local businesses to network and share each other’s customers.

4. DVD Covers Printing and DVD Inlay Printing

Like CDs, DVDs also require a lot of printing. This includes the covers of those DVDs as well as any inlays that may also be placed into a DVD case. Many businesses can benefit from producing and selling DVDs. This includes independent filmmakers and musicians. However, professional photographers that record things like weddings and anniversaries also commonly request printing services to produce DVDs that are sold to clients.

5. Business Card Printing

Business card printing is also something that should not be overlooked. Nearly every serious business owner should have business cards. This is important when dealing with both partners and potential clients. It assures all parties that your business is the real deal and trustworthy. A company that does not have business cards to hand out to interested parties may come off as suspicious to many. Even if the idea seems quaint in the age of social networking, business card printing is still a necessity for any serious company.

6. Greeting Card Printing

Printing can also be a source of income for many different kinds of businesses. One example is greeting card printing. Such greeting cards can be purchased in bulk from a printing company and then sold at a profit to customers. Greeting cards can also provide free advertising. A “wish you were here” greeting card for example can advertise an amusement park to the friends and family members of customers. More generic greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries or other events can be a source of easy income for any convenience store.

7. Signs and Banners

Another great printing option that can be purchased from any serious printing company is signs and banners. These can be great for advertising a business. Signs can be placed at subway stations, bus stops, busy intersections or anywhere else customers visit frequently. Banners can also be placed above the entrances to businesses or across city streets. They are sure to grab people’s attention.

Most businesses also need to produce new signs and banners every time a new promotion or sale is introduced. This is one of the reasons why having a strong relationship with a printing company is extremely important to both small and large businesses.

8. CD and DVD Duplication and Burning

Another great thing about many companies that provide printing services is they can also be used as one-stop shopping for related services as well. This is certainly the case with companies that print materials such as covers and inlays for CDs and DVDs. Many of these same companies also provide CD and DVD duplication services or CD and DVD burning. This can certainly help make the process of creating and selling CDs and DVDs much easier for companies with limited budgets. Dealing with multiple companies to put together everything needed for a CD or DVD release will certainly be much more expensive and time consuming.

9. Menu Printing

The food service industry also has a great need for printed materials. The most obvious of these is restaurant menus. Any serious restaurant should have professional looking menus. It can help improve the guest experience and overall satisfaction. This is especially the case for menus with readable fonts, attractive designs and tantalizing images of the restaurant’s dishes.

Unfortunately, many restaurants produce their own menus. They usually come off as tacky and unprofessional looking. A better choice is outsourcing the design and creation of menus to a printing company. An attractive and professional looking menu can certainly wet a customer’s appetite.

10. Postcard Printing

Lastly, postcard printing is another great choice to purchase from a printing company. This is a must have for any amusement park, tourist attraction, gift shop or other place tourists are likely to visit. Like greeting cards, postcards can also provide a company with free advertising when they are mailed to the loved ones of customers. Others simply like to collect postcards as mementos of the places they visited while on vacation. They are an attractive addition to any refrigerator door.

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