Stationary Printing – Make a Great First Impression with Your Customers

Written communications drive 90% of business conversations. If you look around your office, you will notice piles of papers including invoices, sales letters, memos and company directives from upper management. The list can goes on and on, but you never consider the stock this information flows on. Your stationary is seen in the eyes of all who interact with your business. Do you really want to make the best impression with prospective customers? Think about it.



Define Stationary Needs

Not sure what stationary is? Stationary is the basis for your connections with other firms. You have to write letters, memos and other information to connect to readers (mainly decision makers) in prospective companies. If you do not have the right stationary, they may not listen or care what you have to say. Stationary includes business cards, flyers, door hangers, A-boards, envelopes and pocket folders.

DIY Is a Mistake

Do-it-yourself stationary is OK if you’re just starting out, but you can find a printing company that fits your budget online. Small business owners can reach beyond the mentality of owning a “small” business by making a big impression with prospective customers. If you’re considering printing off your sales letter with 20- pound stock from an inkjet printer – please do NOT do it. Not only are DIY projects a bad sign for businesses, it’s also a sign the business owner is not interested in protecting their brand.

Where is your dignity?

Your first impressions are remembered during the life cycle of a customer. For instance, your flimsy business card may not make it to a decision maker. Your self-made fax design may not make it to the office of your decision maker either. Do-it-yourself is not the best way to earn respect from prospective clientele.

Get the Right Attention

Nothing can draw attention better than a well-printed and organized sales letter. The weight of the paper causes its readers to look down, the flow of the content encourages readers to stay tuned and the format of the paper makes it easy to digest. Decision makers feel, smell and think about the information available on the right stationary. The best thing about this is it’s a second business card with all of your contact information.

Your budget constraints can mean limiting your amount of investments in stationary printing services. The business world understands these limits in the beginning, but focus on making small steps towards building your company’s brand. Consistency in marketing materials, correspondence with outside firms and anyone interested in your company. If you’re not sure how to proceed, consider printing letters first then expanding into other stationary needs.

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